Issues after WHM Jupiter theme updates? cPanel Version:

Started by AMGH, Jun 30, 2022, 12:37 PM

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Some servers show that a reboot is required for quotas to be enabled, but cPanel checked the issue and cannot work out why!?

Also, getting some emails like

<servername> [Warning] Failed reloading repository data

Which only shows.

Invalid repo URL provided

I feel like a QA guy sometimes having to report bugs etc. Takes up a lot of time




Perhaps the reason is the wrong DNS, try changing the ip and check if there are any changes, perhaps this is the reason. All my problems went away after that.


The phasing out of Paper Lantern in cPanel was announced in the summer. With the current update, the template will be completely removed from the panel. After upgrading, existing users who have installed the Paper Lantern interface will automatically be upgraded to the Jupiter template. Functionally, it is completely equivalent to the previous template, so users should not experience any inconvenience with the transition to Jupiter.

The cPanel development and release teams moved to work on the Jupiter template;

Technical support and updates to Paper Lantern, except for security fixes, have been discontinued;

What will the cPanel update mean in practice for DDoS-GUARD hosting clients:
The Paper Lantern theme will be removed from the cPanel interface along with all custom modifications;

Template support and updates, including, importantly, security fixes, will be discontinued;

cPanel and WHM public documentation will be displayed in the Jupiter template in the cPanel interface;

For all previous versions of cPanel prior to the update, the Paper Lantern theme will be supported in accordance with the company's Long Term Support Policy;

Developers will support the new Jupiter interface template and expand its functionality with future updates (including adding customization options).

Feedback and comments about switching to Jupiter can be left on cPanel's social networks. She also prepared a knowledge base for manually migrating from Paper Lantern to a new theme in case you are not sure that everything will be correctly transferred when cPanel is automatically updated.