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Started by lokdown, Jun 29, 2022, 03:57 AM

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Hello Web Hosters,
Just wondering which monitoring software or services do you use to monitor the servers and infrastructure ?
I am using Zabbix for cPanel and Centos Servers.


What are you looking to monitor, specifically? PING, HTTP, MySQL, RAID/disk health, temperatures?

Whilst not software as such, have a look at
You can use it to monitor ping and other important services like HTTP, SSH, etc. If anything goes down, NodePing will immediately tell you.
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SolarWinds is one of the most trusted providers of network monitoring applications, and for good reason. They have put together one of the best network performance monitors and have additional program for just about any networking need. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor is a comprehensive tool that helps you easily manage your servers and applications whether they are located on-premise, in data centers, remote locations or in the cloud.

PRTG is a full featured network performance monitor that comes with many modules to monitor various aspects of your network. This means that in addition to monitoring servers and applications, you can use it to manage your entire network.

The tool comes pre-configured with trigger conditions to automatically alert you when your server or related applications crash. You can set the conditions to only be notified about issues that you think really deserve your attention.

Nagios is as well a full-featured network monitoring instrument that is great for server and application monitoring for a number of reasons. It uses both monitoring and agentless monitoring and includes over 3500 add-ons from the Nagios community to help collect more performance data from monitored devices.

Logic Monitor is another great instrument for monitoring servers both locally and in the cloud. It can also be used to monitor virtual machines, storage resources, applications, and websites.

Server analysis reports are a great way to predict problems before they escalate. They will as well be important when planning for possible hardware upgrades should the need arise.