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Started by lizatailor23, Jul 09, 2022, 02:44 AM

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Hello. How many sites the computer will withstand with 1000-5000 daily visits:

Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz x2
Internet 1000mbit


The main thing is to raise the server on Debian / CentOS.
And not on Windows, as beginners like to do.

If not very voluminous sites - 20-25 pcs. pull out.

Although, again, one cannot judge this way, according to 2 parameters of iron.
In fact, we don't know anything about hardware:

What kind of RAM is installed? DDRIII? DDR IV? What is the operating frequency?
As for the CPU: does the designation "x2" mean 2 processors, or 2 cores?
What devices are installed? SATA, SCSI, SAS? Well, etc.


How many sites can be hosted - you need to look at the web server load (when there will be clients).
You need to put the maximum amount of resources (percentage, memory, channel) on the tariff plan, and start from that. If the consumption is less, then you will place more customers. The more clients there are, the more accurate the calculation of clients' dependence on resources will be.
To begin with, place everything on one web server to practice and find clients.
What you need for servers, ideally, you are wrong 3-4 times. You need to take into account both distribution and reliability, and this is a duplication of the fleet at least, plus backup servers for tests and in case of an exit and replacement of a working web server.
But what you need at the initial level is not one SSD, but two (in the raid) + 5-10TB hard drive for backup, again preferably in a raid. After these tests, experience will already appear.