Subdomain + cloudflare + https - how do I fix it?

Started by wwwmaster@, Sep 26, 2022, 12:11 PM

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Help advice, I can not find an answer.
I use cloudflare and their free ssl certificate (in the security settings I have SSL: Flexible).

Example: - site works, ssl is there - site is up, ssl is up.
==== - everything is ok here. no bugs.

But if I want to create a subdomain - site works, ssl is there. - site is NOT working, "Error when establishing a secure connection".
* added test and www.test in the dns settings
** - site works (without ssl, of course)

If you disable ssl (SSL: Off) - site works (without ssl, of course)
If you open - same error (Error during secure connection).

My question is: for some reason ssl certificate on www.test doesn't work. (and on any subdomain)

How to fix it?
Or how can I automatically redirect from to with cloudflare?


I think that on the subdomains, and domains need to glue 301 on the main mirror to do - because the opening with a www and without and so on - not good.

:) One option should be, comprende? - That is, choose, with or without a www and so on.

All very, very imho.

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-DM- , I do not understand you.
To make a redirect (gluing) - you need to make the version with the www subdomain work. And I, as I wrote above, does not work. That's why I created this topic.


Quote from: wwwmaster@ on Sep 26, 2022, 02:10 PMI do not understand you.
I don't understand you - you can redirect from any url related to a domain.
For example, to sift out the most insane user inputs and direct them to the main one...
However, you know better.

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I'll ask again then.
How do I make a 301 redirect from to via cloud? What, and where do I have to write it on the server?


Https via cloudflare is a self-deception and a surrogate, I think. Better to make a normal certificate on the server, the same Lets Encrypt has long existed.
And the www has long been unnecessary.


Did you write to technical support, read FAQ and other cloudflare stuff?
Unfortunately, I can not give you any tips.
I highly recommend reading the relevant sections on cloudflare Dashboard and Help.
There are all the answers to your questions. And the solution.

Quote from: Term on Sep 27, 2022, 06:33 AMthe same Lets Encrypt has long existed.
Everything is already provided for, it's already given a certificate with auto-renewal, for domains and subdomains, plus a backup certificate, why the extra movement every three months?
They will also fix mixed content, and HSTS will organize.  ;)