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Started by Slip, Jul 15, 2022, 12:48 AM

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I just started getting into hosting. Lots of questions, but you have to start somewhere.
I asked myself the question of automation, I read a lot of things, but I did not find anything about this topic.

Downloaded and installed a trial version of Plesk for evaluation. Long climbed on it. Everything is done with pens there, it's easy, but is it possible to create accounts automatically?
For example, email. The user enters the site, enters the desired username. You need to create an account.
I understand that with the help of the panel it is only done with handles?
How to do this automatically, tell me in which direction to look for a solution. Thank you.


Perhaps if we limit ourselves to questions of the form "what and how" - technical support is good.
But if you have something broken - at least shout the guard. I understand that catching and fixing bugs (and sometimes critical ones) of your product at the expense of users is a common practice.

But in the case of parallelism - it is perverted to the limit. If you can somehow get used to the role of a permanent beta tester (but it's still unpleasant if the servers are used in production and you grab a bunch of rakes after the update), then paying 100 bucks (or even more) for their support to look at the problem caused by their code and kicked the developers to fix it - it doesn't climb into any gates at all.


When you first log in to Plesk as a web server administrator, you will be asked to fill out several forms where you can specify your personal data and data for the initial configuration of Plesk. Follow these steps:

Plesk License Agreement. You need to accept it and proceed further.
Initial setup. You need to do the following:
Specify the full name of web server host.
Select the default IP address.
Divide all IP addresses on web server into shared and dedicated.
Enter a new password for the Plesk administrator.

A form for filling out personal info. You need to fill it out to proceed further.
Selecting the Plesk interface mode. You need to choose the destination of web server, as well as one of the two modes of the Plesk interface:
Power User mode. Select this interface mode if you will be working as a web administrator managing your clients' sites.
Service Provider mode. Choose this interface mode if you plan to work as a virtual web  hosting provider and sell hosting to clients who will manage their own sites.

Installing the Plesk license key. The license key can be downloaded as .ZIP archive, file .XML or specify the activation code.
If you have chosen Power User mode, set up your first subscription. You need to specify the following:
The domain name.
IP address.
The name and password of the system user.


Tell me please, and if you have downloaded the license key in the wrong format. Is it possible to fix this to continue? Go back to the beginning and download again?