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Started by soconsult01, Oct 07, 2022, 12:47 AM

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Hi for all.
Rarely do I need to use Windows on another territory - I assume to take a server (VPS/VDS/ haven't decided yet), well, and arrange sites.
I once used reselling - a wonderful thing, but modern offers are expensive. On one hosting provider I found a suggestion about using hosting via PHP - without a system, - how is it? Somehow I get lost in this... Is it possible to use two operating systems on the same package?
What is the best thing to do? - please enlighten.


A virtual computer is a special program that runs on Linux and simulates an Intel x86 physical computer. The monitor of the virtual computer is the window of the graphical shell X Window, into which information is output. Figure 1 shows what Windows NT 4.0 looks like running on a virtual computer running from Linux.

To install, you need to download the software from the VMware web site, as well as obtain a license to use it.
You can, of course, buy a license (its cost is about $ 300), however, you can also use a temporary (30-day) license, especially since the company still allows you to update it without restrictions. An inconvenience, of course, but tolerable.
After registration, you receive a message that the license has been sent by mail, and while waiting, you start pumping the file vmware-x.y.z-nnn.i386.rpm (where x.y.z is the version number, and nnn is the release number). After that, you need to perform the following sequence of actions.

To install the virtual machine system, you must have root rights, so we launch the terminal window and execute the su command.
We install the rpm package:
  rpm -Uhv vmware-x.y.z-nnn.i386.rpm
  (where vmware-x.y.z-nnn.i386.rpm is the name of the file downloaded from the site).
  Run the configuration script.