VDS vs Raspberry pi

Started by LaurenShawn, Oct 29, 2022, 01:05 AM

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Has anybody used a raspberry pi hosted by a hosting provider (NOT at home)?
And, most importantly, who compared it with basic VPS (the cheapest - 1 core)?
I need to host several static websites.
And put an additional point of checking the availability of my main sites.

On the VDS for $ 4, the availability check (50 requests per minute) takes 7-15 seconds - every half hour at exactly 0 and 30 minutes.
Probably the neighbors have something resource-intensive running on the crown.

I would like to put everything on and forget for 5-7 years. Although, 800 is an inexpensive experiment.
And I have a suspicion that the survivability of microSD may not let you forget.


By themselves, arm microcomputers, if the software is compiled for them and does not work in emulation, then it works noticeably faster than on standard intel's.
But the fact that microSD is you have to understand that there will be a brake, although I am the administrator of virtual machines for all sorts of zomro, I often remember microSD, because these hosting providers, and not only them, it happens that the disk runs at a speed of 5mbps or even less.

disk - if the hosting provider does not oversell and become very arrogant, then the VDS will be faster than the sd card.
RAM - on a microcomputer it is 2 times more and it is most likely faster, in general, in 4 GB a lot of things can be stuffed into the cache.

the percent - hosting provider gives 2 virtual cores, which are guaranteed to be very heavily populated, and you have there in real life percentages if 25 of them will already be good, 4 virtual cores on the microcomputer.
well, another minus of the microcomputer is that the SD card is an unreliable thing and you will need to monitor its health and make backups on time.

P.S. I would take it in your place, it's interesting, then tell me what happened.


Cons of VDS/VPS

- - someone else's uncle is driving there, and he can announce that your VPS is eating a lot of CPU and stop it, or withdraw money from the account and your VPS will suddenly stop for you

there was a case of FirstVDS using sh + files as a book reader, I wanted to make a viber bot, later it turned out that it wasn't my VPS that was to blame, but I didn't care;

- they will write a new web-based service management interface and your phone (iphone ) does not support it, and you will not be able to extend the service somewhere while resting in the village

it's good that my computer was already working in the closet and I was able to make an ssh backup
- someone else's uncle can give your project into someone else's hands (yes, it happened once)

Disadvantages of Raspberry pi

- sudden power outages and absence of WOL (wake on lan) in Raspberry pi
There remains an old computer with 4GB of RAM in the closet, which I use.