What is the point of Apache server when choosing hosting?

Started by arthyk, Nov 30, 2022, 12:33 PM

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arthykTopic starter

Explain briefly what is such a thing as an Apache server?
That is, it is clear that this is a popular server that supports the HTTP protocol, with its own core and environment. I also know that there are many modules below that support various functions such as programming languages, databases, etc. But I would like to know the reason for the popularity, i.e. selection criterion in favor of Apache and possible alternatives. Does this software have priority in terms of hosting choice? ::)


In practice, nginx is both faster and more convenient to configure.
Therefore, I would give a practical advice: use nginx whenever possible.
Even on shared hosting, nginx is often the frontend (without the possibility of configuration), and already behind it is a configurable apache and a configurable php.

Yes, in general, you can't do without Apache on shared hosting, unless you build a bunch of crutches (which you can then admin).
Well, let Apache remain in the niche of shared hosting.
Shared hosting is a disappearing niche in the days of cheap vps/lxc.
Shared hosting can be used for small, low-load projects.
But when the load increases, you will need to move to a separate VPS or VDS with nginx on board.