Are there good hostings for $1?

Started by beingchinmay, Jul 03, 2022, 08:43 AM

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beingchinmayTopic starter

Very disappointed with 1dollar-webhosting_com hosting.
I don't have a lot of money, I would like to ask if there are other not so bad $1 web hosts?


Think about what you are asking.
You need a host for $1, I think a dollar per month, and you're waiting to find something reliable... Hard to imagine that someone wasting time helping a client for $1 a month.
He could get a job at a fast food restaurant and lead a decent life compared to what you're asking about (doing a job for $1 a month).


There are several problems with $1 hosts :

1. This is a massive/low margin operation.

2. Any help given to a client automatically results in that client becoming a loss/worth significantly more than he pays.

3. Users attracted by $1 hosts are usually unqualified, with high expectations. - This is my experience in this industry for almost many years.

All this shows, that users register for support. And it all costs more than they pay.

Most likely the $1 host will simply disappear quickly, with incompetent support or no support at all.


There may be hosting from $1 but I do not recommend them because their percentage of reliability and durability in terms of quality is very low. There are many professional sites to host a simple site for free.


Well, take into account that cheap hosting can't endure high traffic. Site may collapse under high load. Image creating a website, the traffic will increase and eventually reach 1000 hosts per day. But, most cheap hosting will start to "fall off" after 200 visitors per day.


I don't think that for $1 a month you can count on stable hosting, not to mention the fact that at this price it is impossible to get enough space to host and develop several web projects. If we talk about really good hosting, you can pay attention to Hostgator or Bluehost.

Gabriel Evans

Any adequate person who understands what $1 is and what the price of hosting is will simply laugh. As my friend who supplies me with the Internet likes to say: "You want to buy a subscriber for a month of Internet, paying for it only 1 cup of coffee?". This also applies to hosting for $1, but you can always come up with something.
Here's the know-how for you:
These are Russian companies, but the servers themselves are located in Germany. And now, what will knock you down - the price of services from $0.32 to $10 per month (although the domain is not included in the price).
If you want hosting + domain for a year, then I would advise
The price of services is $3.


You can rent hosting for $ 1 only for a promotion. I'm talking about really reliable hosting. Well, otherwise you can pay attention to the companies Dreamhost, Hostgator or Bluehost. These hosts are always listed as the most reliable. In addition, the cost of the minimum tariff for hosting one or more sites is only a few dollars.


Here is a good suggestion from Hetzner. High quality of service, excellent channels on the European backbone.
Not for $1, but for $2, really.
The domain will be provided free of charge.


When you choose cheap hosting you should be aware of the fact that almost immediately you will have to face the following problems:
long loading of pages;
protection against hаcking is primitive;
the power of the servers is critical;
the support service works as it pleased (problems are very difficult to solve). And many others small disadvantages.