Cloud hosting - who tried it?

Started by underdog, Jul 12, 2022, 11:21 AM

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I've never hosted sites on cloud hosting before, I've tried droplets on digital ocean - it's not easy to figure it out, in terms of the fact that there are no simple and understandable actions like on ordinary hosting. Maybe it's easier somewhere, or some instruction that will fit different cloud hosting?


I like VPS for the ability to install any software. When using physical hosting, you cannot install your own software, as any changes to the finished configuration may affect other users. When renting a VPS, you have cool flexible options. Also cloud services ensure that the server is available all the time. This is must for commercial companies.


Cloud hosting is gaining more and more popularity. By hosting your sites on cloud hosting, you are, in fact, placing them on several dedicated servers at once, which in turn reduces the load. As a result, such sites, even when it comes to large projects, show uninterrupted work. In order to understand the features of setting up cloud hosting for your sites, I advise you to first decide on the provider, since the control panel is slightly different for different companies.


Cloud hosting is a technology that allows you to store your site on several interconnected servers at once, which allows you to continue working on your site without any restrictions if one of them fails.
 Otherwise, cloud hosting is similar to regular hosting, but paying for the resources actually used and distributed storage make it an advanced version.


I used cloud hosting. The impressions are the most pleasant. Full data backup. Data recovery is possible.Great for big projects. There are always many settings.


used cloud hosting to store information. Works great and does not compress anything, but one problem - they give little space for free

 Good afternoon! Please tell me what you can read and see about cloud hosting (instructions, good tutorials, videos).
What are the best cloud hosting providers? What is the best free cloud hosting? What is the difference from paid hosting? Share your experience, dear friends?


Any self-respecting hosting company should have its own website. It is also important to know where the servers of the hosting company are geographically located and where the potential audience of your site is located.


the strongest advantage of cloud servers is their significantly improved properties. Choosing a cloud hosting solution can provide low latency and guaranteed uptime, supported by a dedicated team of experts.


I host two large projects on, we also buy and renew domains on In general, hosting with a wide range of services, and normal technical support, fast and reliable servers. There have been no complaints so far.