cPanel server keeps being ratelimited by GMail

Started by Austin, Jun 16, 2022, 02:31 PM

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Hi there,

One of our cPanel servers keeps getting ratelimited by GMail for some reason, due to which e-mails to GMail e-mail addresses have not been delivered for 44 hours(!) in a row.

This particular server is not on any know blacklist, Exim is configured to not forward e-mails which are marked as spam, and no account has ever been comprimised. Any contact with GMail about this seems impossible. Any idea how to get GMail to accept e-mails again?

Thanking you in advance.


If you have a bunch of users who are forwarding their domain based email directly to gmail accounts your server will constantly be listed.

Gmail spam filters are much stricter than most cPanel configurations so I suspect you're forwarding tons of spam that you aren't aware of.

It's better to tell users to setup a pop/imap account and have the gmail account check that vs forwarding emails, that's your best long run solution.
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The only way to "delist" yourself from Gmail is to follow their guidelines and wait. In the meantime, you could route outgoing mail via a different SMTP server temporarily - I sometimes use Mailgun if a server has this sort of problem, for example. It takes a bit of setting up, it's not cheap and recipients will see "on behalf of" messages so it's only a temporary fix but at least mail gets through.

In the longer term, I've found that there are better spam filters than the cPanel setup - in particular, Amavis with DCC and Pyzor.

This is a complex problem because most solutions require changes to users' mail clients, which is a PR and logistical nightmare.

I've found that the pop/imap solution can introduce delays (up to an hour) in email delivery due to polling. This can be extremely annoying, to the point that I no longer recommend it.

Ideally, it's best to avoid either "push" forwarding or "pulling" emails with pop/imap between accounts, because that means having to deal with two sets of spam filters. Wanted messages can silently disappear, which though rare is very bad.

There are some other possible solutions, with different pros and cons:

1. Users can set up two separate mail accounts on their devices. Personal messages stay on the cPanel server, Gmail messages stay in Gmail. Works pretty well but some users won't like it and mail will take up (probably expensive SSD) storage space.

2. Change the user's MX record so mail gets delivered directly to Gmail. That requires an expensive Google Worksuite subscription, but I have customers who like it. (Microsoft has equivalent "business" accounts. Lots of third party email providers also exist.)

3. Give up on the personal email domain and use a free Gmail or Microsoft account instead. The obvious problem is you don't own the address and it looks unprofessional if you're a business.


I generally advise people use POP pull from Gmail. The only downside is that Gmail may pull every few minutes or once per hour. They adjust the rate based upon how much e-mail you get.


In my opinion, the possible causes of your problem are: the domain is not configured on the server. There is a problem with the server configuration for the email service. The required ports are blocked on the network.The connection is blocked by the installed antivirus. You can also call the hosting provider, he should help eliminate the cause.


I use WordPress  Mail SMTP plugin for sending emails and cPanel.
In my local mode, it works fine since my host is Gmail. And as soon as I uploaded it live, I got authenticated and I'm sure I typed the Gmail username and password correctly.
Is there any configuration that needs to be done? Perhaps in cPanel? Or the plugin itself? Please help me. Any help would be great. Thanks.