Do you accept such orders?

Started by Sereda_V_V, Jul 01, 2022, 01:39 AM

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Some of the new orders we receive are as follows. Below is the IP address of the person who sent us a new order today. His address is in the state of Illinois in the United States.

But is not a home internet provider. 100tb does not provide Cable, Fiber, Dialup, Mobile Internet - 4G. So is this a Fake, Fraud, Scam, spam order? We were also unable to contact him by phone.
For these reasons I canceled his new order and refunded. What do you think of web hosting experts? Do you accept such orders?

IP Address: 37.130.229.xхx


For me, it would depend largely on a number of factors.

For example:

If they paid with credit card, which is susceptible to fraud, chargeback fees, etc and it just looks "out of place" (think: "a copper's nose"), then I might think twice about whether to accept the order.

If they paid with cryptocurrency, which cannot be charged back, that might make me think otherwise.

Some people use proxies/VPNs out of choice for privacy. Others because they have to (i.e. country restrictions, like the Chinese GFW), and so to outright deny such orders isn't the approach I'd take, personally.

Common sense and knowing what a normal order looks like for your business goes a long way for the most part.

Just recently we had someone order a bunch of suspicious looking domain names, paid for by card. No system could tell us it was suspicious, we just knew it was. Cancelled and refunded the order, banned their IP address.
A few minutes later, another order, all new details (including a new credit card), same weird looking nonsensical domains. It was at that moment we knew for sure our instinct was definitely bang on that the individual behind these orders was up to no good.
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These days, anyone concerned by his own privacy is using a VPN, most of VPN users are legit and honest peoples.
I don't recommend blocking orders just because it's not a residential IP. Of course it depends what you are selling too, if you sell web hosting or something which you can cancel the service without loosing anything then the best is to be less restrictive.


In such a situation, you need to double-check everything well. If the IP address is not working, then it is better, of course, not to accept the order. Maybe it's just a false order or the person just made a mistake. I think so.


Check his IP and credit card information, orders like this looks suspicious. They might use VPN or pay with their credit card for chargeback, if this user didn't left any information they might be just spamming. Block this IP for the security of your site.


Such clients do not inspire confidence. If the data provided by the clients does not converge, or there is no data on the company's activities on the Internet at all, then most likely this person wants to pull off a gray deal. It is better to cancel such orders to avoid unnecessary problems.


By ordering and renewing web services, you automatically take part in the payment accumulation program. When a certain level of funds paid from the account is reached, the client has the opportunity to receive a discount on a new service or an extension of an existing service.

When the sum of all payments exceeds $80, the client receives a 2% discount. From $300 - already 5%. And if the amount of funds spent exceeds $1200, the discount will already be as much as 15%.

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After that, the system will redirect to the registration window, where it is written about the possibility of obtaining web hosting. It remains only to register an account on the website, pay for the domain and use the service.