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Started by Mycrib, Jun 16, 2022, 02:49 PM

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I am trying to find a forum on which I can ask a question about quality sites for hosting a 'website' for the alumni of a program I ran. We are talking about 300 users, or less, and i would like them to be able to keep their personal information up to date and post something to the group (and I expect only one or two dozen posts per year). Keeping the cost very low is also important.

If you have a suggestion, great! More importantly, any suggestions as to a site where I can post this query? Thanks.


Off hand, LinkedIn seems like a good idea. I just checked and they have Groups, so you should be able to find a mechanism that works for you.

I'm retired so I don't use LinkedIn, but those I know that aren't retired, recommend it strongly for Networking. My point is: your alumni should probably be there anyway, so it is "two birds with one stone".


Just about anything should work for such low requirements.

Don't spend more up front than you can stand to lose and make sure to keep your own off-provider backups no matter who they are or what they promise.


Honestly speaking, this is something you can accomplish with WordPress or Moodle. The simplest setup would just to have a mailing list with transactional emails sent via Amazon SES, MailGun, or another provider specializing in email delivery.


Among the most popular hostings that inspire confidence, I can recommend Bluehost, Hostgator, Ionos. I looked at the current rates and they seemed to me very reasonable in price. As for the placement of your ad, I can recommend the same thematic forums, communities in social networks, blogs.


There is the plugin for integration between WordPress and Moodle "Edwiser Bridge" https://edwiser.org which also provides a "Single Sign on" extension which provides end users with the ability to enter a single username and password on a WordPress site and gain access to WordPress as well as Moodle at the same time. https://edwiser.org/bridge/extensions/single-sign-on/

Setting up moodle before installation is done using the config-dist.php file. You need to rename it to config.php and change the settings in a text editor. To work with the MySQL DB, you will have to find the line with $CFG->dbtype and write

$CFG->dbtype = 'mysqli';
Now about register globals. When installing you may see You must set register_globals=off - how do I do that? Personally, I did not succeed in doing that through .htaccess, but it turned out as follows. I created a php.ini file with UTF-8 encoding. You can put it in the root of the site, but this does not always help, it helped me - put it in cgi-bin - this folder is automatically created in the public_html folder on the hosting I used for moodle. This file looks like

register_globals = 0