Does you web host sneak in upgrades so they can bill you more?

Started by redshrey, Jun 16, 2022, 02:45 PM

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redshreyTopic starter

I subscribe to an email plan (10 mail boxes) with a custom .com domain. It cost $3 to $4 per month. I have had this for more than 10 years.

Once, my web host increased my rate (or upgraded me to a higher plan). I had to call them to downgrade my plan.

Just months ago, I found I could switch to a cheaper plan by reducing the number of mailboxes, so I did that. Oddly, my monthly fee increased. They somehow tagged on a website builder option to my plan and bill me $4 per month extra. I just canceled it online. On the cancel screen, it says if I cancel, the rest of my plan may increase in price. I canceled anyway just to see how unreasonable they are.

I think they make their contract/billing system somewhat confusing so people would be afraid to cancel the extra services they're not using.

Is this the norm for cheap hosting sites, or the exception? Maybe it's time to find a more ethical web host.


Yes its certainly the norm, bundling other services at discounted rates is quite common in this industry.
You need to check the Terms of Service or at least the details of what you are signing up for.
A lot of cheaper hosts will give you discounted services for a year or three and then increase the price without any sort of proper reminder.


That's an unusual experience and I would personally find a new provider.


In my opinion, such hosting should not be trusted at all. If they claim to provide cheap services, but instead constantly connect additional services that the client did not even order, then this is already an obvious scam or a way to confuse customers so that they pay twice as much. I would advise looking for a more reliable hosting provider that values its reputation and provides quality services.


I think this is one of the reasons why you need to change your hosting provider. Errors with payments do not happen often, this is not considered a normal phenomenon. Good hosting providers fix everything immediately. Bad companies spend a lot of time fixing problems by substituting their customers.


Some hosting providers like to divide the load between web sites on the same line. In addition to my site, they still have on the server. One of these started to eat resources like hell, and everything slowed down sharply for me.
At first, they unsubscribed to the fact that I have a lot of plugins to eat (but, damn, I haven't changed anything for 4 months).
In the end, they confessed and returned everything as it was. I pay $10 a month .
As I set up everything perfectly, I'll dump somewhere on premium hosting without this "school" beard.