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Started by sinelogixweb, Oct 23, 2022, 01:03 AM

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I have been using masterhost web hosting services for many years. Everything was fine: price, quality, availability of servers.
In the past years, the cost of domain renewal was $3/year. Since this year, the price has risen... 3 TIMES!!! Just like that, because they wanted to. Explanation: "we had an indefinite action for many years, now we have canceled it." Similar to competitors, prices are lower.
Be careful with the choice of web hosting.
P.S. I'm looking for a new "home" for my sites. Who and where is hosted? I'm betting on a sweb or some kind of virtual server.


I used to use webhost1, then I grew up and took the server at the firstvds. In general, everything is fine.
I came across a funny feature of the masterhost - MySQL didn't have InnoDB.Oh, so it's good by itself, but in places he has to communicate with support. / there is more. I didn't have time to try, to evaluate the performance.


When choosing a hosting provider, there are a number of important factors to consider:
- period of work in the market (local/international),
- whether the shares of the hosting provider are listed on the stock market,
- the possibility of free maintenance for amateur projects,
- REAL customer reviews.

Julio Hancock

There are enough cheap hostings. However, you must understand that cheap hosting can offer you either the minimum requirements for hardware with good access and so on, or it will be a powerful server that will have restrictions on daily visits to hits per day.
As for the price - it's better to rent a host for 4 years at once - it's cheaper and less of a headache. Now a lot is changing in the world and the same applies to the prices of hosting providers, however, to increase the price by 3 times? It seems to me that your price was probably 3-4 years ago. In any case, you can find a good hosting for $2-3 per month. Here are some examples for you:


I restored my masterhost account through the support service.
The specialist answered the call quickly, the wait is minimal.
Restored too quickly, very satisfied.
When ordering the service through the store (I ordered the site to host website), there was an inscription that they were giving the domain, but, after all the operations, it turned out that the client's expectations were not justified and the site that I needed did not fall under the rules of the promotion (I found out after payment + the specialist said by phone). On the face of unfair advertising.


You may find a good cheap hosting provider, luckily there are plenty of them (basing on a country). But consider quality factors: always check index options and reviews, account limitations, high Up-time, upgrading abilities.

Joseph Berrington

I prefer simpler firms, but with high-quality technical support. I have been using web hosting on the platform for many years. The company is very old, but it does not drag stars from the sky. And now for free advice - don't move anywhere. Now there is a tendency to increase tariffs - yes, maybe not immediately, but gradually all hostings will raise the price and, unfortunately, this does not depend on us or even on the supplier company. Now the entire economy of the world is being shaken by politics, and we, as consumers, feel it very strongly.