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Started by Alekset, Jul 01, 2022, 04:55 PM

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Free hosting can really be suitable only for novice webmasters who are testing themselves in development. As mentioned above, such hosting is moving worse in browsers, the site may work slowly. For large projects, there may simply not be enough space and functionality - you will have to buy it separately. There is also a high probability of losing a domain name or positions in the search. I think it's better not to save money on hosting, and choose the most suitable option from the available paid hosting for your project, focusing on reviews.

Joseph Gilbert

Free hosting is only suitable for testing. Of course, there are a lot of free hosts, but they are all weak and not suitable for serious tasks. Remember that this is just my opinion.


We can say that if you are a small business or an entrepreneur and you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on web hosting, then you should go for free web hosting. Plus, with a reliable free hosting provider, you can upgrade to premium hosting when the demand for your website grows.