Hong kong alternative web hosting due to recent China censorship etc

Started by RU-DIVING, Jun 17, 2022, 07:46 AM

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Time to save our ass , Hong Kong is in deep sh...t , What country to move to ?


China's censorship isn't anything new. Realistically - anything outside of China.

I know many in Asia like hosting in Singapore.


It depends where you customers are. If you want short latency to this part of Asia, you'd find any web hosting provider in Taiwan or South Korea or Japan.
If you need to serve customers in Southeast Asia, you'd better look in Singapore or Malaysia.


China has very strong censorship, so I don't even know how you can develop your projects there without fear of being closed. It is best to choose any European or American hosting where you can store your data without fear. Well, in general, any developed country is an excellent option for work and life, especially in the age of information technology development.


If you use foreign hosting services in China, you may put your site at risk of being blocked. So think about getting an ICP and placing it in the Great Firewall. If the business in China is planned to be long-term, it is best to use local hosting services. The best PaaS option, similar to Netlify and Heroku, is 21YunBox. They use local Chinese DNS to create optimal site performance within China with fast deletion.


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