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Started by Adam Greer, Jul 09, 2022, 03:59 AM

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Adam GreerTopic starter

I installed the Open Server web server on my computer. Now I need to make it so that everyone can access it (just by IP).
I have a dynamic IP. Can this be checked somehow? I warn you right away, I'm new to this business, so try to explain in detail and by simple language. Thanks in advance.


Services like DYNDNS, NOIP.
Or rent a static IP from a provider, ask they to register direct and reverse dns zones for your domain and computer.
There are no other options.


Hey adam. I'm also a beginner, but as far as I know in order to solve this problem you need to set up a DNS server.

People, do not pour mud on me if I said something wrong.


Hello, if you think logically, it's easy to do. Possibly by domain name. And the domain name can be provided by services such as noip, dyndns and similar. dyndns is definitely not free today, I don't know about the first one..


The downloaded distribution is a self-opening archive, sewn into an exesh file. When you launch it, after a while you will be asked to choose a place where it will be unpacked. By default, "disk C" is traditionally offered, but you are free to choose another location (including external media, such as a USB flash drive or portable disk).
Next, select the language (I was also offered to install the C++ library) and at the end of the installation, you see a new icon in the form of a red flag appearing in the tray, meaning that the local server has not yet started.

When you click on it with any mouse button, you will see a context menu, which serves as the main OpenServer management tool. From there, it will be possible to launch a web server, stop it or restart it, as well as access web sites and web applications created on its basis (currently only localhost is available there). Yes, by the way, select "Run" and after repainting the checkbox in green, paste it into the browser address bar:


If you see a welcome page, it means that your OpenServer has successfully "risen".
In some Windows releases, you may need to check the box "Require an Administrator account" for the successful operation of that local server (access to the Hosts file).
On the "Modules" tab, you can select the versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL that you need (if you are modifying the site, then it makes sense to choose them the same as you have on the hosting, in order to avoid problems when transferring).

You can also put a check mark in the "Show sites in the main menu" field on the "Menu" tab so that you don't have to catch them in the drop-down. Well, and you can immediately assign a browser where these very web sites of yours will open after clicking on their name from the context menu of the checkbox icon in the tray.

so, in order to start working with your site on that local server (or install the web  site engine), you will first need to go from the context menu to the "Folder with sites" item, or open, for instance, in Total Commander the folder "d:\OpenServer\domains \". Inside there will be a folder "localhost".
Next to it, we create a new folder for our web site with any name in which the following characters can be used [a-z0-9.-] (note that underscores cannot be used).

Actually, everything. From the context menu of the Open Server icon in the tray, select "Restart", after which you will have a new name in the list of sites, clicking on which will open the page specified in the browser settings displaying your web  site.