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Started by Swencky, Jul 08, 2022, 08:32 AM

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Good day guys, tell me what a beginner needs to know when creating hosting on sites. What are the important aspects?


When choosing a hosting, first of all, I advise you to pay attention to:
  • Available hard disk space;
  • Availability of round-the-clock technical support;
  • Supported technologies and engines to quickly create websites in a couple of clicks;
  • Data backup;
  • Convenience and simplicity of the settings panel.
It is also important to immediately find the best hosting for the price.


The most important thing is to decide on a hosting provider. The company must be reliable and, importantly, provide round-the-clock technical support. After registering and paying for the tariff, you will get access to the control panel and here you can immediately create the first site on a ready-made engine or upload files of your site that you are transferring from another provider.


Pay attention to what OS is used on the hosting. There are tariffs for Linux, and there are for Windows and other software packages.  On this hosting, Wordpress will also work, but you may encounter unforeseen difficulties that you will not encounter on a regular Linux hosting.


In general, I would advise a beginner to take virtual hosting. A feature of such hosting is a simplified type of management (graphical panel) and there is no need to go into the technical details of the server part and software settings - only management. ;)
For a specific provider, I advise you to first read independent reviews.


When choosing a hosting, a beginner should take into account: the optimal cost of hosting, which will ensure an acceptable speed of the site; choose the appropriate type of hosting depending on the required amount of memory and the possibilities of using server resources; choose tariffs with wider server capabilities: configure the server for the site's CMS (WordPrerss, Joomla, Modx, OpenCat); organize data protection; the availability of competent round-the-clock technical support in case of questions for their prompt resolution and uninterrupted operation ...


Usually for beginners, hosting is quite easy, because there is no special desire. But the most important thing is to be just reliable. Thanks for the advice!


I plan to open a small online store. I found out that the online store can be hosted on a virtual hosting. Is it so? Share your experience.


Hosting is a kind of rental of space on the server, where data and files will be stored for the functioning of the site. If we draw a household analogy, then this is a lease of a land plot where a house will be built. This leads to another parallel. Not every land is suitable for the construction of a particular house. And not every hosting is suitable for a specific web resource. Imagine if it is possible to build a high-rise in a swampy area? Is it advisable to place a hut on the prepared concreted territory? Also with hosting. But more on that a little later. :)


is there a hosting service with multiple subnets available?