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Started by Swencky, Jul 08, 2022, 08:32 AM

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nikola Kras

If you are a beginner, we recommend an inexpensive hosting provider that is easy to get started with. Instant account activation, an easy-to-use control panel, a detailed user manual and technical support that is always ready to help are essential requirements.


There are hundreds of hosting providers in Runet alone for every taste and budget. In all the variety, you can get confused and confused. Therefore, it is important to remember that you can only trust your project to a proven market player. You must clearly understand what kind of traffic your site will have, under what number of requests it is "sharpened". Is it a personal page with more than 10 visits per day or a global online store with a thousand visitors per day? Depending on this, we choose virtual hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated server or cloud hosting. Most hosting companies offer free testing of your projects. Well, if it is possible to stay for free for a period of one week. Optimal - a month. During this time, you can understand how smoothly the site works, how quickly the support service answers all questions, solves problems that arise. If you like the service, and your site "does not complain" about technical problems, then you can put a plus in the karma of this hosting company and already look at the contents of your wallet to buy paid hosting.  :)


I want to create my own website, how to choose a reliable hosting provider? What to look for when choosing it? Which hosting is better: shared or dedicated server? tell me please


Quote from: darinlka22 on Jul 28, 2022, 06:02 PMI want to create my own website, how to choose a reliable hosting provider? What to look for when choosing it? Which hosting is better: shared or dedicated server? tell me please

If you just want to create, start from scratch, then you need free hosting, with good data channels, servers, php and MySQL. And your hoster should not place its ads.
Ideally, for training, a built-in website builder is desirable.
You can pay attention to Awardspace.
Limitations in the free version: only http, there is no possibility to organize mail for the domain. One email account will be provided. Well, and some more things that you don't need yet.


First of all, Hosting is an easified and luckily convenient way for those who can't afford a platform himself/herself. Well, as you decide to go Hosting you should definitely pay attention to the reliability of host. Also, you make sure if the host is available for everyone who can get an access to it.


Quote from: annaengel27 on Jul 27, 2022, 07:21 AMI plan to open a small online store. I found out that the online store can be hosted on a virtual hosting. Is it so? Share your experience.
VPS is a type of hosting with not very high bandwidth, due to which your site can sometimes "freeze". Therefore, it is not recommended for projects like an online store.
Another important reason why I would not recommend this type of hosting to you is that you may get "unwanted" neighbors. For example, a site for аdults, and you will have a common IP address.
 You decide. ;)


Like all beginners, I started with free hosting and soon became convinced that the overall effect in this case would also be minimal. The situation will be the same as when choosing a free VPN, many of which do not protect at all.


The provision of my hosting provider is made qualitatively. I advise you to choose only a proven hosting and do not forget for leaking information, so that it does not arise, you need to protect your access to the entire web.


Hosting selection criteria
Comparing hosting providers

The speed of your site, its performance and uptime will largely depend on which hosting company you choose. And your peace of mind will also depend on it. This, by the way, is not a joke.

Here are the things you need to pay attention to when choosing hosting for your website:

Type of hosting.
Prepaid traffic volume.
Disk quota and disk speed.
Processing power of processors.
The quality of the customer support service.
Let's tell you more about them.

Type of hosting
So why is the type of hosting important when choosing? The same hosting provider may have fantastic conditions for VPS hosting, but his virtual hosting can be terrible. Be sure to study reviews and reviews about a particular service of a particular hosting provider. You will spend some time on this, but in the future you will not have to communicate with technical support every day.

Bandwidth / Traffic
Most hosting providers do not impose any restrictions on the amount of traffic. But not everyone does this. Let's calculate how much traffic will be required for your project. Knowing this figure, you will be able to choose the optimal tariff plan without overpaying for extra traffic. To do this , use the simplest formula:

Visitors per month X Average page size (weight) X Pages per visit = Required volume

For example, if 1 page on your site weighs about 1 MB, traffic is at the level of 25,000 visitors per month, each of whom views two pages, then you will need:

25,000 people . X x 1 MB x 2 views. = 50 GB.

We recommend taking a tariff plan that includes a traffic volume greater than the received figure. Suddenly, this month you will become extremely popular?

Disk quota
Based on how big your site is, you will need a place to store files. The bigger the website, the more space.

Storage size
For a regular site, it is enough to have at least 50 GB of disk space. Most often – this is enough in excess. If there are a lot of pictures, music or videos on the website, this volume may not be enough. But this is rarely a problem, since disk space can be purchased.
Conventional Hard Drives vs SSDs
If the speed of the site is important to you, choose those companies that offer you the placement of information on SSD drives. They lack mechanical parts, so they work much faster than conventional disks. Check it with the hosting provider or pay attention to how the volume is prescribed in the tariff plan: 20 GB or 50 GB SSD.

Advanced configurations and RAID
If this speed is not enough for you (what kind of site do you have) or there is particularly valuable information on the website – you will need to use RAID arrays. We will dispense with complex descriptions, but just tell you which configuration gives the effect of speed, and which one gives the effect of reliability.

Types of RAID arrays
The alternating array allows you to increase the write speed by almost 2 times. How does this happen? The information is written to 2 disks at once: half to the first disk, and the rest to the second. But there is one drawback – if one of the disks fails, it will be very difficult to restore the information.

The mirror array provides increased reliability. Data is simultaneously written to 2 disks at once, but they are not divided into two streams, but duplicate each other. The speed is regular, but the reliability increases by 2 times.

One of the best options. Look at the diagram, you will be able to understand for yourself why it is so good.
Have you guessed (read)? Yes, it is a combination of two types of arrays. This option provides both increased reliability of information storage and increased speed of its reading/writing to disk.

There are several other types of RAID arrays. You can read about them yourself, and we turn to the story about computing power.

Computing power
CPU power is a very important characteristic of hosting. If you are looking for a virtual or dedicated server, this is the first thing you should look at. But it's very simple. The more cores or processors and the higher their speed, the better. All. This was the shortest section of our article. Have a cup of tea–you've been working too hard for too long.

Quality of Service / Uptime
Uptime or uptime is also a very important indicator. However, for some sites it will be decisive, for others it will be optional. If your site is Google level or even cooler, then you need an uptime equal to 100%. If the website is talking about kittens and puppies, 99.99% uptime is suitable. No, no, we are not saying that boring Google is more important than kittens, on the contrary! Just does it make sense for you to overpay for 100% uptime?

Support Service
If you have any questions about hosting (and they will certainly arise), you contact the support service. The better it is, the faster and more complete the answer will be. Try to choose a TP that works 24/7 and responds promptly and does not respond to all requests, something like: "where you downloaded it, go there."

Most often, communication with the TP goes through a separate section on the website. It's convenient, but not fast. The presence of a chat or support phone number on the hosting provider's website is a serious bid for victory. This format of communication increases the speed of receiving help.