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Started by brunobeneecci82, Sep 05, 2022, 03:22 AM

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brunobeneecci82Topic starter

We are a small team seriously planning to create our own server in Grand Theft Auto V and develop it in the future. Who has the experience and knowledge of which hosting is best to work with? Best wishes![/b]

Zhess Flatcher

If you want to develop GTA 5 yourself, then you need a clean machine with a graphics card where you can program it. See the list of available hardware here - There is an alternative - to buy (rent) a GTA 5 game server with slots. In this case, you cannot make changes to the game code itself, but you can make custom settings. Here is one such host

Gareth Allford

I recently started testing and coding the GTA Online server - RageMp. I rent slots from . Servers are located in Germany, Finland and Russia. Servers from Finland and Russia are now available for GTA. I took the following server: IntelCore i9 9900K +BD MySQL+ 14 Gb RAM + 200Gb SSD. Total 40 Euro. You can take either a stronger server or a weak one (from 9 to 60 Euros).

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 Oh, my friend, you're going to have to sweat a lot. To create a server, you will need a powerful enough computer or the most budget option, rent it and that's it. Then you will change everything to your taste!


You need reliable hosting (VDS/VPS — I recommend newbielink: [nonactive])
You need to understand JavaScript scripting (most mods are written in it)
You need to understand CEF The Chromium Embedded Framework (Browser Framework), a unique UI interface or interaction of the real Internet with the game world (for example, a cinema on GTA 5 RP) can be created on it
A secure HTTPS protocol is very desirable on your server

You need to figure out how to work with SSH — remote control of the operating system, for example, to download mods to your server, or upload the server itself to hosting
You need to understand (be a confident user) the operating system on which your GTA 5 RP project will be located: I recommend placing the server on the Linux operating system
You need to understand the PHP programming language

You need to understand MySQL databases (phpMyAdmin) without this knowledge, you will not be able to write registration forms and add users to the database: as well as much more
It doesn't hurt to know the C Sharp language
You need to know the language of cascading CSS styles well to make the game interface beautiful and unique the way you conceived it!
You must understand JSON — this text format of data exchange with the server can work together with almost any programming language.
Need a separate IP address on the hosting (separate from other projects)

You may need knowledge of working in Node.js
Your players must have a licensed copy of GTAV Rage mp does not work with pirates.
It is advisable to know English well to study the wiki on Rage mp

Henri O`neill

Everything is of course individual for each game and your vision of scaling, so I will provide three options that differ in approach. allows you to program and scale hosting for games, but it requires knowledge of the Amazon panel (it's easy to figure it out, but still). is a good hosting where you can build a server for game development. Server in Lithuania and USA. offer powerful components for creating AAA projects with lots of slots. Servers in the USA.


Very happy with and would not hesitate to recommend them. Every conversation was pleasant and helpful.
They are optimized for application hosting and provide more security, reliability and speed than traditional web hosts.


Been hosting with NetShop ISP cheap web hosting for over 5 months now and im really satisfied with the quality of service. Support is responsive and uptime is near perfect; open several tickets and were responded promptly not to mention they resolved my request.

Jack Call

If you have an idea, what server you need for games, then choose There are both powerful servers with GPU and for the initial level. There is no something in space, but the server for GTA with a couple of tens of thousands of users will pull. If you are looking for something larger, I recommend They offer lots with eight cards on board. He will pull entire portals for games. If you want to choose the characteristics (thin settings) yourself, then you are to