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Started by Gareth Brown, Jul 29, 2022, 02:44 AM

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There is a target general purpose building - a municipality in Germany, where I work as a part-time programmer. We have a portal, now hosted on a little-known hosting, we pay according to an article that involves payment without an auction (more than $2,000 per year).
There is a limited amount of funds on this article and the accountant asks me to find a hoster who will participate in the auction for this hosting, so that payment goes under another article, in order to release these funds on an article that does not have an auction.
I asked hosters whom I know if they would participate in the auction for the hosting of our portal. All answered that they do not participate in auctions.

Someone may know how to find a good hoster who is ready to apply for an auction and how to work with him in this case?


Quote from: Gareth Brown on Jul 29, 2022, 02:44 AMSomeone may know how to find a good hoster who is ready to apply for an auction and how to work with him in this case?

Yes, indeed, the problem is serious. Hosting providers really don't want to get involved with publicly funded organizations. Rather, participate in bidding, tenders, auctions. Too much bureaucracy and restrictions. Lots of paper work.
I think it should be done like this:
1. Select several providers that meet your technical specifications.
2. Send out emails to everyone asking if they can make a bid offer for you. Letters are not needed for technical support - there will be no result. Write letters to head office. In the office, in the sales department, as a rule, there are people dealing with such issues.
3. Wait for a response. The answer must be mandatory. That's the way corporations work.

From experience I will say: I was in charge of the sales department in one IT corporation. We also did not really want to get involved with government departments. A lot of work with papers, compliance with all standards of office work, it was necessary to take into account all the subtleties of jurisprudence.
But when a request came from headquarters to work with such a client, I always specifically singled out a person, and controlled the execution of the task by him more than the performance of other tasks by other managers.
Just in order not to get "on the head" from higher authorities.

By the way, you may receive an offer to provide a range of services for free when you place a mention of the provider on the portal. Especially from local providers.
Your accountant will happily write off an entire expense item, and will be very pleased. :)