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what is the Best Hosting in India


Like most hosting companies, BigRock provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee on VPS hosting. Customers really do not face downtime problems due to hosting solutions in BigRock. However, if people are not happy with the services, BigRock promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. BigRock technical support is available around the clock and seven days a week by phone, live chat or email.
Datacenter: INDIA
Price range for virtual hosting rates: $2.06 — 7.52
Recommended minimum tariff price for 1 WordPress site:$2.32
Test Period: No, 30-day money back guarantee
Professional CMS support: WordPress

Hostinger is a cheap premium hosting with a website builder and professional online support. A large knowledge base and detailed guides on various topics. The hPanel hosting control panel, of its own design, is quite easy to manage.
Price range for virtual hosting rates: $2.99 - 8.99
Recommended Minimum tariff price for 1 Wordpress site:$3.99
Test Period: No, 30-day money back guarantee
Professional CMS support: Drupal⋅WordPress

Affordable prices created according to your needs. The 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to domain names.
Datacenter: INDIA, USA
Price range for virtual hosting rates:
Recommended Minimum Tariff price for 1 WordPress site:$5.45
Professional CMS Support: WooCommerce⋅WordPress


It's true, many people aren't aware of how inexpensive web hosting is.
The key is finding a web hosting provider that can provide excellent customer support.
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Have your already done google search? or you can ask on India hosting discussion boards.
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Matthew Evans

In India, as in the countries of Asia, Europe, America, the Far East, there are servers from well-known hosting companies. Of course, there are good hosting companies that have been launched by small companies from India, but they are inferior to well-known hosting companies.
If you need a lot of equipment, then contact A2Hosting (there is a data center in Delhi), Bluehost and Hostinger are alternatives with good features.
If you need something cheaper, then BigRock has some good options.

Bob Bigelou

There are plenty of good hostings in India, but I'm used to trusting what I've tested myself. From mega cheap, but also super reliable, I would recommend This is 100% hosted from India. You can rent hosting from them for literally 50-100 rupees per month. They also have hosting with unlimited disco, so fans of creating photo and video hosting, welcome on board.
I would also include here, which offer just a bunch of options from various hostings. I want to note that they will have to rent hosting for 3-5 years at once. Of the well-known companies, I would choose - high quality and cheerful.


India's domestic market has more than a billion people, which attracts businesses due to the numerous opportunities and the number of potential customers.
India is located near the center of Asia, so Indian hosting is a good solution for sites entering the large Asian market.

In India, only the GPS data center is Tier 4 certified, which immediately narrows the choice of hosting. Fast, professional and English-speaking technical support is also important. By 2022, only a few hosting providers meet these requirements.

BigRock became the best Indian hosting provider in 2022.
Companies offer virtual hosting services, domain name registration, VPS/VDS, Windows hosting, dedicated server rental and server hosting.

Joseph Berrington

If we talk about good hosting in India, then I would recommend something in Delhi. There are many good hosts that have a data center in India, but their activity is minimal, so they have the appropriate technical support. My ranking of top 3 hosting in India:
miles web
All these hosts offer the most juicy offers, and the traffic from there flows like water (with normal SEO). I also want to add that their price is 50-150 rupees without a discount, and with a discount you can get it for 20-50.