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Started by minhtuyen19091, Dec 02, 2022, 12:54 AM

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I have made about a dozen websites in my life. And these were people close to me, relatives and friends. so, I registered the domain through perfect money, any hosting.
And now the question arose — what to do if you make a website to strangers? How to register a domain and hosting.
 Especially if the customers in this topic are not professional. But you don't want to register something for yourself, but you want them to remain completely independent.


I always do this:
I take passport data from the one whose website will be and register a domain for it. I register his mail and register everything to it, after which I give him all the data in the form of a printout (access to mail, domain, hosting, database) and say that I will need to change the password to the mail for security so that I don't know it.
Sometimes I show them how to change the password if a person does not understand at all.

So, he has all the data and if someone else will be engaged in web site, then these pieces of paper will be enough for him and no hemorrhoids.


Hosting is a folder on the Internet where web pages, pictures, scripts are stored. It is sold by hosting companies. Hosting prices start from $1 per month in the "Timweb".

Hosts offer free services to advertise paid ones. The free versions have speed and data volume limits, there is advertising and there is no technical support. If you are testing an online store with hundreds or thousands of products, then the site will slow down; if you need an additional module for the server, technical support will not do this and will offer paid options.

For commercial projects, use paid hosting.
I chose a company from India that offers a free tariff. Registration is the same as in the paid one, only you do not need to pay.