How to create 2 sites on 1 domain with the same name?

Started by Jack Call, Dec 07, 2022, 04:05 PM

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Jack CallTopic starter

Hello. I've read about this issue many times and have experienced it myself. Now I will describe it and write what solutions I know and maybe someone will supplement or correct me.
So: let's say we have an English-language site, and you want to expand your audience, that is, increase the reach of traffic, let's cover the Spanish-speaking population. So the task is to create a copy of the site in Spanish. When it comes to two or three pages of the site, everything is OK, but what if the database is full of all sorts of data? There are three options here:
1. Create a subdomain of the site;
2. install a plugin that will simulate a site in another language;
3. create a site subdirectory.
I must say right away that if you do not have access to the CMS, then the only option is to create a subdomain of the site through the site's control panel.


the problem is also in your DNS. Are the forwards configured correctly? Does your DNS server know something about provider services?
 Which DNS server is registered in the configuration of the network adapter of the domain controller? If the DNS is the controller itself, then it should point to itself.