How to find a hosting with the best price/quality ratio.

Started by Иван, Jul 13, 2022, 09:35 AM

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How to find a hosting with the best price-quality ratio. How to choose what would be relatively inexpensive and high-quality. It is necessary for a wiki-type fandom site.


I believe that good hosting cannot be free. Personally, I trust companies with a name. For example, you can choose Bluehost hosting. The price is about $2-3 per month, but stable hosting, round-the-clock support and a convenient control panel are guaranteed.


I can recommend hosting beget. In my opinion, of all the hostings, beget is the best hosting in terms of price-quality ratio. There is a free transfer of the site from the old hosting to the run, as well as a bunch of promotions and other chips.


I can say that, first of all, you need to look at uptime (availability time) and the speed of work to be wax. If you have little experience in working with hosting, I recommend looking for hosting with good technical support.
From my experience, I can recommend the same Runner or Sprinthost. There, in addition to all of the above, there is: a simple backup copy, a free SSL certificate.


When searching, avoid overselling. This is the sale of hosting in terms of capacity that exceeds the actual capabilities of the system. For example, if a provider has a site with 10Gb of RAM, then he can honestly create 10 virtual sites with 1Gb of memory each But, most providers, using virtualization, create not 10 sites, but 16, 20, 24 or more. Promising 1Gb of RAM for each. Hoping that not every site will need 1Gb of memory at a time and 10 will be enough for everyone in turn. During peak hours, such sites are very slow and, in general, do not allow you to open the site.


What you need to pay attention to when choosing web hosting

Unfortunately, no company can guarantee the uninterrupted operation of your web site 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. But for a good provider, cases when the site is unavailable are extremely rare (about 1%). Remember that the more profit your web site brings and the more visitors it has, the more important the accessibility factor is for you.


Although you will not have to communicate with support very often (for example, when web site is unavailable, when it has been hаcked, or when there are problems with software updates), in these situations, a quick and effective response from the support service plays a huge role.
Your provider should be in touch 24/7. You should always be able to contact the support service for any questions (security, maintenance, etc.). The more ways to contact the company, the better. Do not take the word for loud statements about the first-class service that can be seen on the sites of hosting providers. Before buying web hosting, be sure to check how the company works with customers. After all, rosy promises often do not correspond to reality.


If you plan to develop your project from a small business card site to a large platform with thousands of visitors per day, then you need to pay attention to such a characteristic as scalability. A good web hosting provider should easily adapt to the growth of traffic volume, providing additional technical resources for a growing project.


When choosing a provider, consider not only the price of the package of services that you purchase. These costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to calculate the full price. What is it? The full price includes the price of the package of services indicated on the company's site (direct price), and the amount of profit that you may lose due to technical problems and inefficient work of the support service (indirect price).


Here are some simple ways to learn more about the company whose services you are going to use: study the information about the company and find out how long it has been operating on the market;
read customer reviews to get an idea of the level of user service, check out the schedule of scheduled maintenance work and find out the average duration of downtime (i.e. when your web site will be unavailable). Using Google, you can also find out the average response time to a client's request.

And one more important point. Every self-respecting hosting necessarily creates backups of your data on its remote servers. If your site becomes a victim of hаckers (we hope that this will not happen!), it can be easily restored.

What are the types of web hosting?
There are three main types of hosting: shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated web  hosting.

Free hosting: Note that test hosting is most often meant here. Providers give customers the opportunity to test a partial package of their services for free before buying, of course for a limited period of time. But there is also completely free hosting. This is a choice for web site owners who are not afraid of frequent and prolonged downtime, or a good solution in order to check the site, CMS or transfer the site to a new hosting.

Shared hosting: Using shared web hosting is like living in the same apartment with other people and sharing utilities (water, heating, etc.) The main advantage of shared hosting is that such services are inexpensive.

Who is suitable for shared web hosting?  This type is usually chosen for "beginner sites". Firstly, it is a financially affordable option. Secondly, you will hardly need any special technical knowledge. When your online project begins to develop and it becomes cramped on shared hosting, you can easily move to a more advanced level.
Dedicated Hosting: Using dedicated web  hosting can be compared to buying your own home. Here you can single-handedly use as many resources as you want.

Who is suitable for dedicated hosting?  Dedicated servers are ideal for web sites with high traffic. If you are the owner of an online store that uses a large number of programs and plugins, then it may be time for you to switch to this type of web hosting..
Virtual Private Server (VPS): VPS provides even more resources that you can manage at your own discretion. In addition, this option is more flexible than shared hosting.

Who is suitable for VPS?  VPS can be a great option even for sites with a small amount of traffic. If your web site has a lot of visual elements (images, videos), then you probably already have a problem with slow loading.
This means that you should take a closer look at the virtual private server.
Reseller Hosting is a great way for anyone who wants to do web hosting business. This is a great opportunity to create additional income for anyone who is well versed in IT. Reseller Hosting is the purchase of server space from a web hosting company, its configuration and subsequent sale to your own customers. Interested in this idea? Then the first thing you need to do is to choose the best conditions for yourself.


If you are only hosting your website for the first time, then it makes sense to place yourself on free hosting. So you will master the technology of hosting sites, run it in and learn from your experience the disadvantages of free hosting.


When choosing a hosting for me, first of all, such factors are important - its price and reputation. For myself, I've settled on HyperHost for now, everything suits, convenient and simple

Cody Babcock

You don't have to write an entire treatise to find a hosting service with good value for money. First, you have to decide why you need hosting - you need to understand its goals and meanings. Based on this knowledge, you can understand what configurations you need. Next, select the country where the server will be located - of course, servers in Russia or Asia are cheaper than in the USA or Western Europe. Pay attention also to the response of technical Support. It is best to take a hosting where there is a refund (30 days), if there is no such function, then this is a bad office. In the early days of testing, feedback and check the server for load - this can be achieved by "calls" to the server.


look at convenience of using hosting
The convenience of using hosting consists of several factors. The main ones are:
full range of services (domains, SSL, hosting)
convenience of ordering.
Also online support must be online 24/7