Started by Ivandlin, Aug 02, 2022, 02:29 PM

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I suggest not buying subscriptions to various music venues. Listen to music for free on free websites. I propose to create a website for the production of free songs. Those who do not want to pay will do just right.


Well, making that website you'll need a really considerable hosting with option without traffic restrictions; Sufficient RAM (from 1 GB, preferably 2-3 GB); Sufficient space: optimally - 50-80 GB; SUPPORT for PHP and an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 Of course, there are pros and cons of free music! Nowadays, times have become such that everything is at the expense of
money, no moral values, only one physical satisfaction. Closer to the point, the advantages of free music is that it is free, you can download it, send it to each other. But, nevertheless, there are quite a lot of advertisements in such applications, which leads to the discomfort of the listener!


I suggest agreeing with the comments above , nowadays music has become more expensive than before, before we could listen to music for free, on any sites without advertising, I want to plunge into that time, with new sites without payment.

Samuel Bawerman

Listen to this: "listen to free music on free sites". It doesn't look very realistic these days. Let's start with the fact that music without copyright is rarely in demand (and copyright is prohibited by the legislation of almost all civilized and some barbaric countries), and free sites, that is, free hosting, are very limited in resources (traffic).
Hence the consensus - either you add advertising to the site (purely to pay for hosting), or you work at a loss.
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