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I suggest not buying subscriptions to various music venues. Listen to music for free on free websites. I propose to create a website for the production of free songs. Those who do not want to pay will do just right.


Well, making that website you'll need a really considerable hosting with option without traffic restrictions; Sufficient RAM (from 1 GB, preferably 2-3 GB); Sufficient space: optimally - 50-80 GB; SUPPORT for PHP and an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 Of course, there are pros and cons of free music! Nowadays, times have become such that everything is at the expense of
money, no moral values, only one physical satisfaction. Closer to the point, the advantages of free music is that it is free, you can download it, send it to each other. But, nevertheless, there are quite a lot of advertisements in such applications, which leads to the discomfort of the listener!


I suggest agreeing with the comments above , nowadays music has become more expensive than before, before we could listen to music for free, on any sites without advertising, I want to plunge into that time, with new sites without payment.

Samuel Bawerman

Listen to this: "listen to free music on free sites". It doesn't look very realistic these days. Let's start with the fact that music without copyright is rarely in demand (and copyright is prohibited by the legislation of almost all civilized and some barbaric countries), and free sites, that is, free hosting, are very limited in resources (traffic).
Hence the consensus - either you add advertising to the site (purely to pay for hosting), or you work at a loss.
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Where to listen to music for free, the best services:

The service offers to use the library, which already includes more than 50 million tracks. It is possible to create your own playlists (up to 10,000 songs each) and listen to tracks recommended by the site depending on your preferences.

Spotify also has several radio stations of its own, and it works on almost any platform, including Windows, macOS, Linux and popular mobile OS. Facebook Instagram and Twitter, Telegram and Skype can share the track on social networks. All this, as well as a thoughtful interface and stable operation make the service one of the most popular in the world.

On the other hand, when using the free version, users will have to face a number of restrictions. Among them is the bitrate quality, which does not exceed 160 kbit/s. When listening to music, advertising inserts appear, and you will not be able to download and listen to the songs for free offline.
 New releases become available only 2 weeks after their appearance, the number of playlists is limited to 15, and music skips can be made no more than 6 per hour. All these restrictions are removed by a paid subscription – from $2 monthly for one account. For the first month, the paid version can be used without payment.
Last broadcasts in the style of radio, but allows you to select specific tracks.  music can be searched not only by artist or track name, but also by the countries of its release. To do this, just select a point on the world map and click on it, getting a popular song in this region as a result.

There is an opportunity to listen to the most popular artists on this service, displayed on the main page. And some of the features are available even without registration and authorization.
But, in order to use the recommendations of the service or to get acquainted with the pages of users with similar musical interests, registration is required.

Among the disadvantages, it can be noted that the interface is not completely understandable for a novice user – although even users of the free package of services are almost unlimited in their capabilities. And by paying $ 3 or 3 euros (depending on the country) per month, you can receive "broadcasts" with a more precise setting of interests. And also – additional listening statistics, no ads and full-screen playback of clips.

One of the most interesting and easy-to-use services with interface and the ability to listen to music for free. Among the reasons for choosing it are access to approximately 56 million tracks, automatic selection of music according to user preferences and compilation of a personal music collection.

The service offers a variety of ready–made playlists, and for some songs - lyrics and karaoke mode. Although some of the features are available only when you sign up for a premium subscription. You will not be able to use the same account on multiple devices for free, choosing the same playlists, for example, on a PC and a phone.

Paying from $2 per month ($4 for family access), you can skip any number of tracks offered by the service, choose the order of playback and save audio tracks. However, it will be possible to reproduce these melodies only with the help of the installed Deezer application.


I love listening to music. Free music has both minus and plus sides, but paid sites offer us the best music in the best quality. I think it's worth spending money on good music because when I listen to music my soul finds peace

Julio Hancock

What you are suggesting is regression. Every work must be paid. Subscription services don't require that much money for a subscription to start lining up with strikes. If we, as consumers, want to receive new content that will also be of high quality, then we must support sellers (well, the end seller is not a songwriter, but still). However, there are also gaps in copyright that such sites use and use to the fullest. Well, let's say I like tracks that are already 30-50 years old, and you also often have to pay for them separately or look for them on special sites. I think they might be in the public domain.


I would like to know how many days would pass following the domain name's expiry date before it is cancelled. May you kindly inform me how long I can pay its yearly cost and continue my membership?

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I would like to know how many days would pass following the domain name's expiry date before it is cancelled. May you kindly inform me how long I can pay its yearly cost and continue my membership?


Good afternoon. I don't understand. Why create your own hosting with music. There are a lot of ready-made sites where music is freely available. Yes, perhaps these sites are hosted in other countries, but there are such sites. A waste of time.