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Started by Kirgudu, Aug 09, 2022, 12:59 PM

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KirguduTopic starter

Hello everyone! urgently need a template for the site of a musical group, in wordpress. Can you tell me a good site or forum where you can download for free?


Look at paid themes for starters, for example - here. Link to templates exactly for music bands.
Keep in mind that the cost that is listed does not have to be paid. If the site is for one band, you can limit it to Personal license. The cost will be less.
Some of the topics you can download for free by joining the MonsterONE club for $13.25 a month.

Well, and if you want to do it for free, you should arm yourself with Google Translator and read, for example, this site.


A thematic Lush template for the website of a music group, a solo musician, a band manager and other industry representatives. The theme makes it possible to use WooCommerce for free to sell music products and tickets on the site. Widgets have been added to the demo: a slider from music videos, an audio player for promoting singles, a calendar of performances, a gallery.


I can offer you a theme like MusicTune WordPress. I think this theme will suit you perfectly, since it is designed just for running a music blog or website. For some time I myself used this topic in my work. Allows you to create a simple one-page website. Just like in many other themes, there is a WooCommerce function, thanks to this function you can sell tickets, CDs and other goods. It includes widgets that are interesting for fans, such as: an online player, a slider with excerpts from a concert video, a clip gallery, a concert schedule, discography, news, official merch, a contact form.

Mark Walker

If your dedicated server does not have a large flow (less than 1000 users per day), then some modest option will suit you. My advice is to check out the offer from and A2 has an older and better reputation, while liquid has a lower price tag and offers additional options at an additional cost - more RAM, space, etc. (good option when you don't want to upgrade to a completely new package).