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Started by Diana Kozhushna, Aug 01, 2022, 07:32 PM

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Diana KozhushnaTopic starter

please advise Good operating system as I am worried about software

Jacques Chapman

You didn't ask a very clear question. Where and why do you want to put the operating system? On Web Hosting? I will consider the answer positive (the topic is just in this section).
When we are wondering what operating system to install and whether there will be conflicts due to the difference in operating systems, for example, we have Windows, and Linux hosting. Of course, the answer is no, although it is difficult for many to get used to the new shell.
Of all the operating systems, for web hosting, I would prefer to choose Unix or Linux. They are 99% stable and have trouble-free operation, moreover, it is easier for users using the Windows OS to switch to this particular system.


Yes, the question is not entirely correct. But I agree with the answer above. I also recommend installing Unix or Linux. They have a large system of protection against hаcker attacks. Here you can more professionally cope with the tasks.


They did not specify what the operating system is needed for. If for games, then put windows and you won't regret it, and if for the Internet, then linux is without options.