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Started by Diana Kozhushna, Aug 01, 2022, 07:32 PM

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please advise Good operating system as I am worried about software

Jacques Chapman

You didn't ask a very clear question. Where and why do you want to put the operating system? On Web Hosting? I will consider the answer positive (the topic is just in this section).
When we are wondering what operating system to install and whether there will be conflicts due to the difference in operating systems, for example, we have Windows, and Linux hosting. Of course, the answer is no, although it is difficult for many to get used to the new shell.
Of all the operating systems, for web hosting, I would prefer to choose Unix or Linux. They are 99% stable and have trouble-free operation, moreover, it is easier for users using the Windows OS to switch to this particular system.


Yes, the question is not entirely correct. But I agree with the answer above. I also recommend installing Unix or Linux. They have a large system of protection against hаcker attacks. Here you can more professionally cope with the tasks.


They did not specify what the operating system is needed for. If for games, then put windows and you won't regret it, and if for the Internet, then linux is without options.


Ubuntu Server is an operating system using the Linux kernel.
Ubuntu Server will cost you much cheaper than the ones listed above. 
Many novice system administrators experience fear and horror when it comes to non-interface unix-like operating systems, explaining that "it is difficult and incomprehensible." I can assure you that setting up these operating systems is much easier than the same Windows Server 2008 R2, where there are an infinite number of all sorts of options and settings. And in unix systems, the whole setup comes down to editing configuration files. Also, as noted above, these systems require significantly less resources than analogues with a graphical interface.
Ubuntu Server is easy to install and maintain, provides high reliability and performance, and also has a high level of security and is excellent for almost all tasks.

CentOS is a Linux distribution based on Red Hat's Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
It is also a very friendly operating system and many sysadmins prefer this particular operating system. All CentOS software is highly stable, as everything is thoroughly checked and tested. CentOS is widely used as a platform for Web servers.

Gentoo is a Linux distribution, popular because it is as flexible as possible in configuration and with proper configuration, you will benefit in performance as a result.
It is also known that this distribution is used only by professionals in their field, since the same setup requires certain knowledge. Gentoo has a number of advantages such as: fast work speed, excellent user community.

FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system, very popular among Internet companies, as this operating system is great for all kinds of web servers.
FreeBSD is a great option for a web server because it is a powerful TCP/IP stack with support for industry standards such as SLIP, PPP, NFS, DHCP and NIS. And therefore, FreeBSD can easily interact with other systems, as well as work as a server of a large enterprise, providing vital functions such as NFS (remote file access) and email services, or represent your organization on the Internet, providing services such as WWW, FTP, routing and firewall functions.

Solaris is an operating system developed by Sun Microsystems, which is now owned by Oracle Corporation, and from this it became paid.
This operating system is one of the most productive operating systems in the world, and therefore enjoys some popularity.


I will not pour a lot of water, the most optimal operating system is Ubuntu, since there is no blue screen like in Windows and it is not whimsical to use. Yes, there are some shortcomings when installing some programs, but where they are not.


Are you going to maintain the server yourself? If you do not have knowledge about Linux administration, you should probably choose Windows. But Windows is less secure. Even on Microsoft Azure servers (this is a service from Microsoft) Linux is used more often than Windows.


Quote from: Diana Kozhushna on Aug 01, 2022, 07:32 PMplease advise Good operating system as I am worried about software

I've heard that Linux operating system is one of the best choices. The thing is that it's free I guess. And Linux doesn't cost so much as Windows Server, for example.
I like hi-tech and everything related to it.


Your question is not quite clear. What do you need an operating system for? If for home use and you are not a very advanced user, then of course Windows. Otherwise, I advise you to use Linux. Are you worried about security? There are a bunch of utilities that protect your PC from malware and viruses. For example, Windows 10 has an excellent built-in firewall. I would like specifics on your question. Thanks!


The range of server applications is large. What do you want, specify.
I will say right away that I am not a big supporter of Windows, if you do not have a game server.
Ubuntu is a free, easy-to-manage option that can be used if the server is not subject to constant high loads.
Debian is a relatively versatile Linux distribution. Therefore, many consider it to be the best operating system for a server.