Organizing mail for your domain with a third-party host.

Started by Newport, Aug 10, 2022, 03:11 AM

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I usually cling to the hosting mail, but sometimes the task is to make a box like on separate mail services like gmail or yandex mail.
I haven't practiced this for quite a long time, but it's kind of like everything used to be free. Recently I went to yandex, and instead of yandex-business I was redirected to some kind of yandex 360, where I got a lot of unnecessary functions with minimal need for subscription. Google is about the same.
That is, the minimum subscription and includes the ability to create mail on your domain.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, and went somewhere wrong? Previously, to create a box with your domain, as in Google, as in Yandex, it was possible for free.
Now it is no longer possible? I could not find any instructions on how to create a box with these latest changes in my search.
What do you advise?


Google has been paying for a long time, for a couple of years now, I went to my old Yandex account and decided to check, and now it also offers to pay money.
The mail itself on the domain works, but Ya is considered Russian, and can probably fall under sanctions.

Here is another similar service.
There is no English version.

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Quote from: Ali_Pro on Aug 10, 2022, 07:18 AMHere is another similar service.

I'm already creating it on my mail.  :)  I'm waiting for a DNS update.

If they also make mail paid, then where to go :o if the client does not know how to use hosted mail and does not want to...
Again: although the service is serious and has long been in operation, but, most likely, it is even more susceptible to possible sanctions than the Yandex search engine.
All set up, and one "beautiful day" it will stop working. :-\


Quote from: Ali_Pro on Aug 10, 2022, 07:18 AMThere is no English version.
The main thing is to have access to IMAP and SMTP, the interface of the web-version is a tenth thing, who needs it, right?
Quote from: Newport on Aug 10, 2022, 09:33 AMif the client does not know how to use hosted mail and does not want to...
Hosting most ISPs won't come close to providing the level of mail handling that a search engine of this class can provide.
Quote from: Newport on Aug 10, 2022, 09:33 AMAll set up, and one "beautiful day" it will stop working.
I quite agree with that. In our world, alas, there is no stability, and the words you wrote are quite in line with the established mainstream.
By the way, the level of mail, - quite normal.

And why don't you consider working with Zoho Mail? You can park a domain there, and make 10-15 mailboxes for free. 


Quote from: _AnnA_ on Aug 10, 2022, 10:44 AMAnd why don't you consider working with Zoho Mail?

Zoho mail has applied a "military trick". You start the registration process, you have to enter the code from the letter to the email you specified. You wait. You do not get it.
When it comes, after 20 minutes, the letter says that the code is valid for 15 minutes, up to 16:58, for example.
And it is time of sending of the letter: 17:03.  ;D Certainly, the code generated 20 minutes ago with the lifetime of 15 doesn't fit anywhere.
I almost smashed my forehead on this problem. Technical support is not answering.
Gave up on them and use my hoster.


I haven't connected a new one to Yandex in a long time, and the old one is still free.

Now did an experiment. there at the very bottom click: try with restrictions. You can park up to 3 domains.
When everyone was forced to switch to Yandex360, I did not put any acceptances anywhere. Maybe that's why it works.
Just in case, I added another domain - let it be.  ;) The old domains there can still be changed to other domains.


I was not able to register for free plan in Yandex.
Such a feature for new users, unfortunately, no longer.
And for the money it is easier for me to do it on Google.


Quote from: Term on Aug 10, 2022, 12:11 PMZoho mail has applied a "military trick"

I have registered on Zoho Mail.
I registered through VPN. The registration country is Russia. That's how Zoho Mail does not want Europeans and Americans on a free plan, and the Russians - wants.  ;D Discrimination!  ;D
For free are ready to provide 5 boxes under my domain, each of which is 5 gigabytes on disk. Allowed attachments of 25 megabytes.

You cannot view this attachment.

But the domain is not accepted in any zone. Extremely limited choice, and offer to register a new one with them.
Domain zones of African countries .ml, ga - do not want. Asked the question techsupport, no answer yet. Discrimination again.  ;D

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NewportTopic starter

Thank you all!
Yesterday I set up Mail_ru, everything is fine, I hope it will stay this way.
Well, will they fall under sanctions or not? I tend to think, that it will not affect the service in any way. Their owner has been under sanctions for a couple of years, so what?

In general, let it work as it is. If it stops, then we will look for other solutions.  :)