Organizing mail for your domain with a third-party host.

Started by Newport, Aug 10, 2022, 03:11 AM

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Most of the problems with non-delivery, for example, on gmail, are related to the non-disabled paranoid spam filter on the other side.
Yes, if you have a mailbox in Google or a similar corporation, then your letters will be delivered to the recipient almost guaranteed. But letters from other people are highly likely to either not reach you at all or get into the Spam folder. Almost, in italics, by the way, I wrote it for a reason. For example, I can cite yesterday's attempt by one of my friends to report his email  a person who has a mailbox in mail: an email containing only one line "This is my new mailbox" was not delivered with the "550 Spam message rejected" message.

You are free to configure your own mailer as you like, and not Google and others like them.
This is the first.
And secondly, storing emails on the corporation's server means that the corporation has full unrestricted access to them.
And he can do what he wants with them. It can parse logins and passwords from them, it can give you targeted advertising based on these emails. Well, etc.
So I can only say one thing: any approach has its pros and cons. And I wouldn't call my mailer evil. Rather, on the contrary.