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Started by Connon Bootman, Jul 29, 2022, 10:37 AM

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Hello. There is a site with attendance of 17-20 thousand people per day (municipality). Made on WordPress. For the last year, the site has been working through a regular shared hosting, but more and more often it crashed due to the load. I started asking the provider why and when he would fix it. The provider said that its capacity is not enough and gave two choices, either to work as is (with frequent drops) or switch to hosting with stronger servers. A higher tariff bites him a lot - $200.

Recommend a good hosting for a site with high traffic, but with a reasonable price. Hosting is preferable to be located in the USA.


If you don't have any specific services and you expect all options in cPanel and WHM to work as usual, you can look at a2hosting's terms and conditions.
A2hosting offers better conditions than, for example, Godaddy, also low prices and good speed.
Just a fast hosting with a small budget.
They declare 99.9% availability, they are ready to provide one hundred gigabytes on SSD disks. For the municipality, I think it's enough.

In fairness, it is worth noting that their technical support is a bit lazy.


In my opinion, a fairly economical and high-quality provider Accuwebhosting.
99.9% availability, Isolated WordPress Accounts, caching servers for WP, DDoS protection, 150 mail acc...
Prices start at $3.99.
The headquarters and main data center are located in Denver.


Here is another good hosting with very budget rates: Hostens
This is a company from Lithuania, servers are located in the USA and Singapore.
99.95% uptime.
Your domain can be transferred to them, support is free.
$0.90per month when paying for 3 years.
Try first a month for $3, then decide.
I don't think you will be disappointed.


I use
I've been using it for a long time, I can only say good things. A convenient backend is offered, and I'm used to the control panel.
Last year I even got a free domain. Reliable, fast services. For WP special conditions.
Good support, they say. There was no need to contact.
Location: Denver, Colorado.


We will not consider the option with free hosting at all, because it is not suitable for serious web sites.

Forget about the low price. If you are planning to develop a serious long-term project, discard all cheap and free offers from hosting providers. Server instability, limited functionality, the presence of hosting provider advertising on your site and much more will only scare potential customers and partners away from your resource. It is clear that you can change your hosting provider at any time, but why add headaches to yourself already at the start of the project?

Carefully study the hosting provider's site. You need to do this before you start studying the technical characteristics of the servers offered in the tariffs. The provider must have a license to provide telematics web  services, and it must be officially registered.
The presence of an offline office is only welcome. By the date of domain registration, you can check how long this hosting has been working and whether the company has recently appeared on the hosting services market. If the support service does not work around the clock and seven days a week, this should alert you - you risk not getting prompt help in solving serious problems with the site.

Find out the technical parameters of web hosting. If you have not faced such a choice before, it is possible that difficulties will arise at this stage without the help of an experienced specialist. You will have to choose intuitively, based on the data of your site, but later you will be able to change the tariff to a more suitable one and configure web  hosting for yourself.
Free WordPress hosting from CMS developer. Suitable for small blogs and small business card web sites.
WordPress Hosting
The free tariff includes a domain name in the travel .blog zone or . Other domain names in international zones are only available in paid subscriptions.

Limited functionality:

Statistics of attendance and subscribers.
Adding pages, media files.
Managing comments.
Import content from Wix, Blogger, etc.
Setting up AMP page design for Google.
Chat and email support is provided only on paid tariffs. In other cases, you will have to contact the WordPress community.

DreamHost is widely known for its budget hosting packages for e-commerce. And this is the only thing that you can confirm as soon as you find yourself on his site.
However, the cheapest hosting is Shared Hosting. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about hosting for ecommerce, but let's face it.

Although virtual web hosting may seem like an unprofessional option for many online business owners studying web hosting services, it is actually much better than it seems. Web hosting for e-commerce does not just happen in different shapes and sizes.
When you start building your site, you'll find yourself paying for everything from shopping cart software to the best ecommerce apps. plugins and transaction fees. Some website creation tools also have their own fees.