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Started by priveeet, Aug 08, 2022, 08:45 AM

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priveeetTopic starter

I'm already tired of ddos attacks on my servers, so I want to connect to cloudflare. How many of you have already used this utility, how does it show itself in practice?

Edison Duncan

The cloudflare system is 100% secure and provides some sort of protection against ddos ��attacks. It should be understood that each system has its own problems.
The cloudflare system is not new, moreover, before it this mechanism was invented in the best possible way, but not on such a scale. If you don't know, the protection system is based on a proxy - all traffic that should go to the site first goes to the clouds, and then, after filtering, to your site.
Such a system is good because it speeds up ping (for those users who live far from the host). The downside is the encryption system. It breaks the stereotype about SSL data protection.


In practice, it all works perfectly.
The service's servers are capable of holding back weak DDOS attacks, even if you have a free rate.
Well, if you run the site of a large multinational corporation, or a serious international bank, and you are specifically ordered, then, please, come with your wallet.
I will not retell the description of the service in detail, please take a look here.

By the way, if your site is on some low-power remote from your audience hosting, the caching servers of this service will bring your host closer to your consumers. Visually increase the speed of opening a site from almost anywhere in the world.
In general - one merits of such a solution. Feel free to connect.


Quote from: Edison Duncan on Aug 08, 2022, 12:23 PMThe downside is the encryption system.

Their encryption system is quite normal.
The downside is that this octopus is slowly spreading its tentacles around the world.
Their servers are located in all key points of the World Wide Web, they slowly but surely subjugate the entire Internet, violating the basic principle of the WWW - the independence of the key nodes, the autonomy of the entire network.
Already more than 15% of Internet users prefer them.
The source of funding for this octopus is unknown.

By the way, their transparent VPN service is very useful for users from those countries where, for some reason, certain sites undesirable to the government are blocked.
Providers block them, but Cloudflare unblocks them. The users are happy, but the governments are not.
And they don't care about anything.