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Started by priveeet, Aug 08, 2022, 08:45 AM

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priveeetTopic starter

I'm already tired of ddos attacks on my servers, so I want to connect to cloudflare. How many of you have already used this utility, how does it show itself in practice?

Edison Duncan

The cloudflare system is 100% secure and provides some sort of protection against ddos attacks. It should be understood that each system has its own problems.
The cloudflare system is not new, moreover, before it this mechanism was invented in the best possible way, but not on such a scale. If you don't know, the protection system is based on a proxy - all traffic that should go to the site first goes to the clouds, and then, after filtering, to your site.
Such a system is good because it speeds up ping (for those users who live far from the host). The downside is the encryption system. It breaks the stereotype about SSL data protection.


In practice, it all works perfectly.
The service's servers are capable of holding back weak DDOS attacks, even if you have a free rate.
Well, if you run the site of a large multinational corporation, or a serious international bank, and you are specifically ordered, then, please, come with your wallet.
I will not retell the description of the service in detail, please take a look here.

By the way, if your site is on some low-power remote from your audience hosting, the caching servers of this service will bring your host closer to your consumers. Visually increase the speed of opening a site from almost anywhere in the world.
In general - one merits of such a solution. Feel free to connect.


Quote from: Edison Duncan on Aug 08, 2022, 12:23 PMThe downside is the encryption system.

Their encryption system is quite normal.
The downside is that this octopus is slowly spreading its tentacles around the world.
Their servers are located in all key points of the World Wide Web, they slowly but surely subjugate the entire Internet, violating the basic principle of the WWW - the independence of the key nodes, the autonomy of the entire network.
Already more than 15% of Internet users prefer them.
The source of funding for this octopus is unknown.

By the way, their transparent VPN service is very useful for users from those countries where, for some reason, certain sites undesirable to the government are blocked.
Providers block them, but Cloudflare unblocks them. The users are happy, but the governments are not.
And they don't care about anything.

Gregor Bishop

Cloudflare - the same evil as hаcker attacks, but only with a side view. For site owners, this is manna from heaven, but for visitors, especially those located geographically (countries) outside the data center, this is a nightmare. Who does not know, Cloudflare is not just a firewall, but a program for sending packets from the client to the hosting and back. If taken quite simply, it resembles an intermediary between the owner of the house and the person, who wants to take it.
I called it evil because it implements algorithms that slow down the site or portal.


I strongly advise against using web hosting from cloudflare.
Be prepared for the fact that your sites will be blocked after any anonymous and unproven complaint, and you will not be able to unblock on a free tariff. I transferred a group of my sites to their proxy because of free https. A week later, a very competent complaint from an anonymous person comes from their abuse department that a couple of my files are viruses.

The strangest thing is that one of the files did not even have external links to it and no one downloaded it. Due to the specifics of a couple of my sites (security software), all sites were blocked at once, including completely innocent ones, without options, support only made fun of me, and they also sent a complaint to the main hosting machine.
I absolutely do not recommend their unreliable web service, I also have a collapse in attendance after using their IP, since they seem to be blocked a lot of places.


Cloudflare is a caching proxy, an attack protection system. When I used it, the grid covered North America, Europe, Due to caching static and dynamic content and asynchronous feedback to users, there was a slight increase in speed.
He has a lot of positive sides. You need to specify the site, and the service shows DNS records to change. To set up the work really in a few minutes. The defense forces suspects to fill out special captchas on separate pages. In addition, you can obfuscate mail, prohibit hotlinking, and protect content. In general, there are many necessary features.


Yes, you write correctly, Cloudflare solves many problems with websites.
Proxy, powerful firewall, website download accelerator, download optimization for mobile devices,
caching, protection against DDOS attacks. I test it constantly, I connect all sites to Cloudflare. Initially, the plans were only to hide the real ip of the site, but what he offered, in addition to proxying Cloudflare, did not leave a chance to connect to it without hesitation. There have never been failures and complaints, falls. Constant improvements and improvements on the part of Cloudflare, only please.
All the necessary functions are available on a free tariff, you can connect and monitor an unlimited number of sites from one account. Connect the site really in 5 minutes and enjoy the speed. If your sites still don't work with Cloudflare, then you are already losing a lot.

Eric Leboeuf

CloudFlare is spreading very quickly, and this is not surprising. I tested several security programs (protective wall- firewall), but only when CloudFlare crossed I realized that everything before it was one big scam. Yes, the servers work on the principle of DNS, so there is a slight delay from the host to the user, but the same system guarantees that a million anonymous calls will not be "dialed" (DDoS protection). If you want not to fool yourself with thoughts about a protection system for a site or portal, then you should use their services.