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Started by mlutch, Aug 19, 2022, 03:27 PM

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How use this host? Who used, write, please!  :o


I put 3 sites on it and everything in the FM memory ran out and for this one brakes. And if I put all 5 as promised, 5 is possible, then more than one site will not work.The support service is not supported on VPS. There is no backup. The answer time to the question is 1 hour minimum

Gareth Freeman

An interesting project, although it has several flaws. If we talk about choosing a server, then there is 2 option - the usual one, well, like any other hoster - choose your own assembly and set up the site and so on (manual administration), and there is administration from the site itself. And this is a minus. If you set up the server yourself and run into a problem, then technical support won't say a word to you, and you won't wait for an answer, but if you order their administration, they will assign you a personal specialist.

If we talk about hosting, then there are no difficulties, I would say they have an economy option, moreover, they will give you a free ssl certificate.

There are many domain names, but the price tag for most is higher than that of European counterparts.


Good hosting for beginners. You can start to understand and work with him. It has a very clear control panel. Anyone will understand, even someone who does not understand it at all. Just beginners can first use the services of free hosting, although only with limited functionality. Although it's so much for a beginner.


They pay 40% more on payments from clients who come and sign up through your link. Referral link. Register a few serious customers on it, and you can not pay for their own personal hosting. Or even a passive income. Convenient for webmasters, right?


I'll add a spoonful of tar. Used Beget hosting until last spring . But since the summer, beget has risen sharply in price. It has become unprofitable to me.
My web sites are small and the size of the disk quota is not very important. The number of sites is more important. I went through a bunch of hosting sites, stopped at sprinthost.
There are 15 MB and 20 sites $5 per month. Runs 15 MB for only 5 sites $5 per month. for 10 sites $8 per month. 15-20 sites are not there. And for such a tariff, as I need 25 sites, he bent $12 per month (wow!).
Switched to another hosting.

Sites work no worse. The new online store came out in the top well Google almost immediately. There were no problems with the unavailability of the sites. It didn't affect the speed either.
I don't see the difference.
He also stole my money several times. I bought one domain only for a year. There was a tick for auto-renewal. He immediately kind of auto-extended the money was written off twice. the domain was for a year and remained only for a year.
Also, money was debited from my account for domains and tech.domain of my customers.
Domains for other people, they also use them, they just brought them to me running on the banner of the affiliate program. But they were charged for their domain names from my money (from my account).
This is not normal for me. I won't pretend that I don't notice it all. I notice. Dissatisfied. For me, Beget is OFF.

Садовник Сергей

Beget hosting is one of the best Russian companies that provides hosting services. This company has a high rating and an excellent performance indicator.