The forum needs an external SMTP service. Advise?

Started by Term, Aug 07, 2022, 12:07 PM

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For the forum you need an SMTP service, - paid or free. There are not many letters per day (notifications, registration confirmation, etc.) - I think no more than 5000.
Please advise service.


Try this service.
The first month they will let you send 5,000 emails for free. After that they will want money.
The level of service seems to be normal, even SLA is promised.
Or do you have 5000 a day?


Amazon SES is a quite economical email service. Sending from almost any application. Setup is fast, supports: sending transactions, marketing emails, mass mailings.
Email authentication capability, sender reputation protection.
SPF, DKIM, all these are there. Full GDPR compliance, which is important.
The analytics were pretty good, too.

Try it.

Mark Walker

It is strange that this question is raised, although probably not everyone knows that there are many SMTP services that do not charge a cent for their services (of course there are restrictions), as well as many quality services with a minimum payment.
One of them is Google SMTP. There is a limit in letters - 5000 for 24 hours. Amazon also has a free feature - 64000 (then $0.10 for 1k emails).
Of the paid ones, I would single out Moosend ($9) and Mailchimp ($20 for every 500k emails per month).


Quote from: Newport on Aug 07, 2022, 12:46 PMTry this service.

Used mailgan for several years, no questions about reliability/deliverability. There were downtime (allegedly lying under DDoS), but not critical - a day or two in 3-4 years.

What bothers me is their Soft/Hard Bounce, subsequent blocking and imposing e-mail validation service. The problem is that it is impossible to validate mailboxes on some European mail services - all requests for existence get a positive response, even if the box really does not exist. And since I have them accumulated a total of about 40%, and the rejection rate is very high, respectively, exceeding the "rebound" and blocking. Unblocking only by letter within a few days.

As a result, for European users do not advise.


Quote from: Mark Walker on Aug 08, 2022, 03:10 AMOne of them is Google SMTP. There is a limit in letters - 5000 for 24 hours.

You're not quite right.
Google Workspace has limitations for the free version. And they don't meet the desired criteria (5000 posts per day) set by the topicstarter.
You can read more about the restrictions that apply to the free and paid versions of Google Workspace at: link

It should be noted that Google Workspace will need to be worked with via API.
Create a project in the Google Cloud Console, activate the application in it, and play with the settings. It's long and complicated.
You cannot view this attachment.
Sending via ordinary SMTP Gmail to a simple user with OAuth authorization, even if there were no limitations, would be very harmful. Both in terms of possible crashes and security.
But there are restrictions, and they are unacceptable.

sendgrid / elasticemails / sendpulse all have free plans.


The free rate from is great for you
Try it for a month or two. Will 15000 emails be enough for you?
There is, however, a limit on sending per hour. They allow up to 50 mails.
I don't think you will get to 5000 letters at once.
If you don't have enough you can subscribe to a different plan. The prices are all right.


Is it possible to check the availability of an external smtp server, for instance, Google - and if so, how?

I tried using net.tcp.service[smtp, ], but writes 0, that is, did not reach / did not receive an answer.
However, through Putty, the connection from the computer is working quietly.
net.tcp.service[smtp] works with the smtp server registered in the Zabbix settings (Configuration -> Services -> Email), receives a response.

But with any external no. Ping from the server goes outside.
Is there really only one way to do this: through external check, that is, through a separate script?