Top 5 things you want in a web host

Started by praktik_man, Jun 17, 2022, 09:53 AM

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What are the top 5 things that are most important to you when choosing a web host?


The top 5 things:

- the year the web host started a business
- the reputation of the company
- support time
- price
- datacenter locations


1) You need to be decisive and choose the right name for your domain.
2) You can create a website, for this I recommend using a plugin - Brizy.
3) Be able to control the design of your site well, you need regular access to the root directory.
4) Have an extremely good level of security.
5) Enable monetization, I recommend platforms for this GoogleAdsense or WebHost.


My top 5:

1 Security level;

2 large data storage capacity;

3 constant support to the customers — 24/7;

4 data protection and availability of site backups;

5 ability to add domains.
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1) when the hosting was created and what is its reputation.                                                                           2) the price is also of no small importance.                                                                             3) the level of security is also important, it is mandatory.                                                                         4) the amount of data to save.                                                                                                               5) round the clock support.                                                                                                                                                                                     


The top 5 things I want in a web host:
1. Perfect reputation.
2. Security level. Without this, you will not find a good web host.
3. Test results. A large number of companies provide the opportunity to test the web host.
4. Price. It should be optimal.
5. Support to the customers.


When transferring a site to a new hosting, first of all, I pay attention to the control panel. It should be simple and understandable. It is important that the hosting service has round-the-clock support, data backup, and the ability to create sites on popular platforms such as Wordpress in a couple of clicks. And, of course, I pay attention to its cost.


  • High reliability and speed
  • The ability to receive prompt assistance
  • Website Creation Tools
  • Possibility to migrate existing sites
  • Storage and protection of personal data
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Good afternoon  ;D , this is quite an interesting question, I will try to answer it briefly and clearly:

1) price (in our time it is very influential)
2) Your own Website Building Tools
3) Reliability
5) Good protection :D


What content management systems are supported?
One of the key things you should know before signing up with a webhost is the Content Management Systems (CMS) they support. Depending on your goal and the assets available, you can create a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal site. But your needs may change in the future and you may need to move to a different CMS.

How many settings do you get?
Detailed access to the website and server configuration can be crucial when choosing a hosting service. Some companies provide only basic website-level administration, such as wp-admin access to WordPress websites. While this may be suitable for very simple use cases, it will become a limitation when you want to extend the capabilities of your website to suit your organization's needs.

What is an uptime agreement?
If you've decided to make your site the primary tool for your business, then uptime will be a major factor in choosing a hosting platform. Let's say in their contract the hosting server claims that it will provide a 99% server uptime guarantee in their contract. This may sound like a fair deal, it doesn't mean that they can avoid 1% downtime in a year without any obligation to you; it's ~87 hours - or almost three days - of your site being inaccessible to visitors!

What is the level of support?
No site is the only effort, so no matter how good you are, you will need the help of your web hosting company someday.

Will your website be secure?
No web hosting plan would be complete without protection measures against common cyber threats. When creating an online business, you are responsible for the security of your digital assets. And if you get hаcked, the damage done to your digital assets, your customers, your reputation may not be recovered through financial restitution.