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Started by sadko7777, Jul 05, 2022, 05:38 AM

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How to upload a website to hosting (cPanel X)? I am writing a site in php, using phpMyAdmin to work with the database.


Uploading a site to web server consists of 3 stages:
1) uploading files
2) database import via phpmyadmin on the server (before that you export it to phpmyadmin on your local computer)
3) changing the parameters of connecting to the database in the site code (specify another host, database name, username, password)


On my hosting:

Go to the cPanel panel.
From the main page, go to the dispatcher files. Files must be uploaded to the root directory, in our case it is public_html.
Upload our archive with site files on the hosting via the "Submit" button.
After downloading our archive, it must be unpacked.

But you can always write to technical support and they will help you upload files to the hosting for free and within a couple of hours.
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When uploading files to the server, it is better to use a third-party FTP client that is not available in the panel. The completely free Filezilla is fine. Advantages: simplicity and trouble-free operation, automation, support for all necessary protocols. Convenience also. The app itself is updated regularly.
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I used the program you recommended. Indeed, it is very convenient, especially when uploading a large number of files. For example, - when installing Wordpress on a hosting not from the provider's services, or uploading a copy from the home directory.
About 20,000 files without a headache.


Quick reference how to upload a site to web hosting

Fast and to the point:
1) Buy hosting (I bought my hosting here). There is a trial period (in my opinion 5 days), by the way - just to practice filling sites and pages. With the purchase, you get three parameters: Host, login and password. They are used to connect and download.

2) Download the FTP client (program). The most popular and convenient is FileZilla. You launch it. And yes, if FileZilla is not installed (it happens on ancient computers and netbooks), then try Total Commander. The principle of operation is the same, but the DOS interface is the same. And so everything is the same.
3) Enter in the upper field: Host (or Server), Username (or Login) and Password. They are sent by the hosting provider when buying web hosting. See e-mail.
4) THE LEFT PART shows the explorer and the contents of folders in the computer. The RIGHT PART shows the explorer and the contents of the folders on the hosting. There will be a message from the fact that you have connected, and a folder with the name of the website (domain) will appear in the window on the right.
5) On the left, open the folder from where you will upload files to the hosting hosting. On the right, go to the folder with the name of the site on the hosting side, for instance, "mysite.com ". Then the "www" folder.
6) On the left, select the file to fill, right-click on it and click "Upload to the server". Congratulations, you have uploaded the page to the Internet! Now you can check how it is displayed in the browser.

pay attention:
IMPORTANT #1: The root folder of the website is "www". It should contain the MAIN PAGE of the SITE, that is, the file index.html or index.php . As well as other files and folders, respectively, if there are any.
IMPORTANT #2: during subsequent fillings, pay attention to which folder you are filling the file into! if, for instance, you want to upload an image to the images folder, make sure that it is open from the hosting side!

That's actually all about how to add a site to the Internet. If it didn't work out according to the short instructions or something is unclear, read the full guide below.
DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to upload a site to web  hosting

For those who did not understand anything, with all the details, pictures, explanations and screenshots!
So to speak, an instruction for girls (blondes, brunettes and redheads, since ladies with dreadlocks and blue hair already know how to do it).
My dear ones, I didn't want to offend anyone, but the first sentence with notes eliminated all the men: R. What is important!
Recently, several times I have come across the fact that those who have completed online design courses do not know how to upload sites to web  hosting sites.
For me, once downloading a site to the Internet was also a secret behind seven seals... But it is worth trying once and the situation becomes clearer.
The website is actually a folder with files that can be compiled in HTML formats and sometimes plus PHP* and scripts (the program part in the form of code).