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For DNS, the type of domain does not matter. What is a domain from the point of view of computer science? This is any unique combination of letters and numbers.

But the chosen name matters to the audience. For example, an address consonant with the name of the company inspires more confidence in users — they understand that they have got to the official resource. By means of a domain name, you can designate the field of activity — metal-opt.ru , cleaning.ua .

You can add keywords to the domain name that correspond to the content of the site. This will have a positive effect on SEO and will help in attracting the target audience.


The domain is the same IP address, only more practical. The idea of creating a domain for each site was put forward solely for the convenience of Internet users.
Domain address (inphormatika.ru ) it is easier for the user to remember than its digital counterpart of four numbers. The domain address is made up of Latin letters, numbers, and other symbols. A domain address can be compared to a regular phone number. Each subscriber has an individual phone number. It is impossible to remember the digital numbers of all subscribers, so each subscriber is assigned its own name. It is very easy to read a domain name, you just need to get acquainted with the designations that the domain of the first, second, and third levels carries. For example, the domain address dnray.com .

 Here, the first-level domain speaks of belonging to the com state, although in our time this is most often a convention. The second–level domain - dnray, symbolizes the name of the project or organization.


Every website has an IP address, a unique string of numbers that connects computers to web servers. This is where boundaries come into play. A domain name is added to a website's IP address to make it easier to remember and search for a website using its domain, and your browser can find the specific web server that hosts the website with the corresponding IP address.