What are the best hosting opportunities for India?

Started by 1234567471234, Aug 05, 2022, 01:13 PM

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Are there any good web hosting service providers in India? I'm really wondering how to create my own blog or website and thinking about Indian web hosting providers. Not really sure which to choose.


Item #1: Bluehost.
Overall a pretty good web host, great for beginners but the prices are a bit high compared to some of the other options and some features are missing.
  • 1 unlimited number of sites.
  • 50 GB for unlimited SSD storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth at all levels.
  • Free SSL certificate included.
  • Site backup (only the third and fourth levels).
  • Spam service (second level and beyond).

Pros: Generous storage, Free domain included, One of the best hosts for WordPress; Recommended by WordPress.org.
Very simple and easy to use.
Additional features are available as add-ons.

Cons: Expensive compared to other options here: ₹199 to across 859 across 4 levels - that's the range for first term use. After the update, it's even higher.
Mailbox only included for second tier onwards.
Apart from mail, some other features are not available for the first or second tier, which will be enabled on other platforms.
The price quickly gets higher if you buy add-ons.

I will not write about others in detail. See them for yourself: GreenGeeks, Hostinger.in, HostGator.in, A2 hosting, GoDaddy, Milesweb.in, HostingRaja...


In my opinion, one of the best hosting providers that offers you to host your site on Indian servers is EzerHost hosting. This company offers the lowest prices for web hosting. It also has high-performance SSD servers, the best security measures, such as automatic updates of web applications, FREE SSL, anti-hаcking protection, a configurable firewall and DDoS protection to ensure the security of your sites. The administration works 24/7 by any method of communication convenient for you.

Timur Berghen

The choice of hosting for India is very wide. Let's start with the fact that many large hosting companies open physical branches (data centers) in different parts of the world, and India is no exception. Of course, there are hosting companies that are geared towards India. I still prefer Hostinger (servers are located in Mumbai), HostPapa (small servers in India) and Bigroсk (again, servers in Mumbai).