What hosting company to choose for personal blog?

Started by 1234567471234, Aug 05, 2022, 01:14 PM

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I'm really new to hosting themes and thinking about making my own blog. Which company to choose? Are there any cheap and reasonable options to choose from? Don't want to waste time and money.


Time, in any case, will have to spend.
But a beginner can not spend money.

You have a good reseller there in India from byethost.
Come, practice, try. Everything you need is there.



top hosting companies:
3. AdminVPS.com
5. Sprinthost.ru


First you need to decide what you are going to write about at all? How much traffic you will have going out. What is your budget for the purchase of a domain name corresponding to your domain. Will your budget be enough for the best hosting option? Will it be shared hosting, VPS or private server? Personally, my opinion is take any company that you like and start with a basic plan. Since then you can always switch to another better tariff in the same company or transfer your site to another platform.


Very good hosting, very fast support (about 5 minutes per response). Good uptime.
Before fоrex, I used texture hosting, but they were all in demand. Poor uptime, poor tech support, no support for US servers. But I am very pleased with fornex.


The plan of action is as follows:

1. Determine which CMS your blog will be based on. Most likely, it will be the most popular system in the world Word Press. I recommend you to choose WP. It is convenient, simple. Many themes, plugins and other "goodies".
2. Choose hosting, which has a plan optimized for WP. View a few options.
3. From several options choose the one where it's possible to start with a minimum fee for the tariff at the best parameters of hosting in general, and the selected package in particular. It is desirable, but not required to have mail service. Pay attention to the rates for more "capacious" packages - you'll need it when your blog will start to gain popularity.
4. You may also start with free hosting. Pay attention to the new versions of php, MySQL, and the possibility to get a free renewable SSL certificate. Availability of SMTP, and the ability to work via POP/IMAP is welcome.
That's it.
Enjoy the creativity!  :)

A possible option for you is Infinity Free