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Started by Parados, Dec 12, 2022, 02:41 AM

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ParadosTopic starter

Guys, advise the simplest hosting possible (preferably with a script) for a small online store.
The most important thing is that there should be payment buttons and communication with the seller (that is, with me), and of course that the price should be inexpensive.
Do you know anything about or website hosting?
Are they good for running e-shops? Alternatives?

Joseph Berrington

I don't know anything about, but is a good hosting for solving small tasks, but it won't suit your parameters for an online store. You're better off renting something with a website builder so you don't have to mess around with codes and WordPress for a long time. I would recommend TimeWeb, Wix, Weebly or Zyro. For a quick and easy solution, I would still choose Wix - it's really possible to launch an online store in 10 minutes, and the prospect is great - you can upload product catalogs. There are all the tools for the store.


I recommend KVM VPS hosting if your web needs are really important - you won't be disappointed.
Support is good - ticket system works well. I've been very happy with their courteous, consistent, and FAST customer service.


Yes you are right. Its pretty good. I am using it for my website contador de palabras.

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Quote from: myselfahmad on Dec 24, 2022, 12:59 PMYes you are right. Its pretty good. I am using it for my website newbielink: [nonactive]


You can trust web host. Reliable and trustworthy, so I suppose this might be suitable for your request.
Like their New Year's Special upto 45% off the price! It's a great service. The pricing is reasonable.

Michael Walker

Instead of looking for a good hosting provider for an online store, look for an online store for a hosting site. What am I talking about? Of course, about hosting sites that are tailored for the creation of online stores. I'm not talking about cells in commercial message boards or marketplaces like Etsy, I'm talking about sites such as Bluehost, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting and Dreamhost. Of course, these are also hosting providers, but, in addition to the usual hosting services, they have css in their arsenal with the ability to quickly set up an online store and upload tables with prices, categories, and other garbage into it.