Which is better to choose a universal hosting provider or a one way provider?

Started by HILO101, Nov 08, 2022, 10:48 AM

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Which is better to choose a universal hosting provider or a one way provider? If you look at it this way, universal hosting has a lot of advantages, while hosting in one direction is simply cheaper. Help which hosting to choose?

Gregor Bishop

As I understand it, we are talking about hosting providers that provide pure hosting services - and does it matter if it is web hosting, cloud or dns services and a provider that offers domain registrar services? If this is the case, then it is better to choose a provider that:
a) will meet the technical requirements
b) will have a good reputation
c) will be able to test hosting before paying (refund)
Of course, this does not mean that domain registration hostings are bad, it's just that the administration of such hostings spread their attention and they have poor technical support.


Could you tell us what websites are you going to host? Any space, ram or bandwidth requirements?
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It is important to study the pricing policy of the provider — does he have a solution that will suit you not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of budget? It is good if the host's tariffs will vary widely, and users will be able to choose both a solution suitable for a small site and for a large, loaded project. Often providers offer discounts, favorable offers, promotions. Pay attention to them.

Page loading speed is one of the important factors for ranking sites by search engines, and therefore an important factor when choosing a hosting. Back in 2010, Google made site speed one of the ranking factors. And behavioral factors have weight in the Yandex algorithm: if a page loads slowly, the user closes it and leaves, and the site's rating decreases.

I also recommend finding out where the provider's data centers are located. For example, if your project is aimed at a Russian audience, then it is better to choose a data center in Russia - this will also affect the loading speed of the site. It is important not to forget about the legal subtleties.

And keep in mind that a good paid hosting should already include components for the smooth operation of your site, for example:
protection against DDoS attacks and viruses to ensure the security of the resource;
backup so that you can always restore the project, and so on.
Users also pay attention to the presence of panels for hosting management. It is the panel that helps to support your projects: upload files, link domains, configure mail, and so on. By the way.

I also advise you to go to the website of the providers you like and see your personal account. It is important that its interface is intuitive and convenient for you personally.
Technical support and its response speed are very important. Be sure to pay attention to whether it is provided by the provider and to what extent. Low-cost providers or the cheapest tariffs may have limited support.

And of course, study the reviews on the ratings, but carefully. The solid negativity speaks for itself. But solid positive comments should alert you: they may be paid. The best option is a balance of negativity and positivity. Problems, of course, can happen, and users also come to the ratings to attract attention and try to solve their issue. Pay attention to how the provider responds to negative comments (and whether it responds at all) and what it is doing to deal with an unpleasant situation.

Well, the main thing is to determine your basic requirements and choose a provider that will fulfill them.
Summing up, it can be noted: the more transparent the company's work is, the more it shares cases, detailed information about its infrastructure, is present at different sites, it is easier to get in touch and openly communicates with its customers, the more comfortable it will be for you to work with it.


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universal service provider gives 99% gurantee of availability of your server. One way hosting provider is also called web hosting provider it giver access to domain of server.