Which is the best hosting to choose for publishing a website?

Started by Иван, Jul 12, 2022, 02:37 AM

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Which is the best hosting to choose for publishing a website? I don't even understand where to start looking, I don't understand the topic at all. Tell me please.


First of all, you need to consider what kind of site you need. If you are creating a small informational or corporate website, then regular hosting, even with a minimum tariff, will be enough. If you want to create a large service, for example, a dating site, mail service, social network, then you should think about renting a virtual server. Cloud servers are gaining more and more popularity. Although for the most ordinary site, simple hosting is also suitable. My plan can accommodate up to 5 sites, if you need more space, then you need to switch to the best plan.
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Of course, everything depends on your plans for the site - a blog, an online store, a corporate site, a site with services, but there is something in common that unites them. I'm talking about the formula for choosing a good hosting. When choosing a hosting, pay attention to:
1. availability (uptime):
2. level of service (what is included in the package);
3. scalability (for project development);
4. price;
5. reputation.
6. type of hosting.


I personally recommend using Bluehost. I think this is the best web host. Overall easy setup, reliable network and great chat, support for automatic backups and many more extras. very cheap VPS hosting. ideal for business. 8)  8)
Free domain and Free SSL. Plus, you can always contact the round-the-clock customer support.


I can say from my own experience: when creating the site, I started using regular hosting. It fully notes my requirements. I have a small information site.


Free hosting is useful only for novice webmasters and serious tasks are beyond his power. Such hosting is rather intended for training a webmaster (uploading a website to a server, transferring a domain, running a website on a server, etc.). Therefore, if your site is at least a little serious, it is better to choose a paid hosting. So you will get the best hosting in all its indicators.


It largely depends on what the theme of your site will be.
The choice of hosting is one of the key issues when developing a website, because it depends on the quality of the website, the position in search engines and your costs for site maintenance, including troubleshooting and errors. Also pay attention to technical support. I can recommend hosting Runs. Physically, their servers are located in St. Petersburg. Technical support works promptly, whether by phone or through the ticket system, the answers are competent. Affordable prices for domains (only 179 rubles per domain in the .ru zone), while they are accredited by the registrar. They are the second in the Russian Federation in terms of the number of serviced domains (13.6% of all domains in the .ru zone), have a convenient


When I chose for myself, first of all I looked at the reliability of the service and the cost of the service. However, I consider simplicity of functionality and customer support to be no less important indicators. It all depends on what you are looking for.


Bluehost is traditionally the "number one" according to the recommendations of WordPress developers (almost half of the websites in the world work on this CMS). Bluehost has been leading the ranking of the best shared web hosting providers for WP web sites for several years. At the same time, hosting is compatible with other CMS systems, there is a one-click installation, support for free SSL certificates and other amenities.

Special attention should be paid to the division into tariffs: there is a general line, and there are specialized solutions for high-load sites and for e-commerce. In addition to shared hosting, Bluehost offers rental of reliable virtual (VPS) and dedicated servers.

GoDaddy is a private commercial company that started working back in 1997. One of the oldest and largest domain registrar in the world. GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and more than 80 million domains.
Data centers (more than a dozen large data centers) are scattered around the world: in the USA, Europe, India and Asia. The official number of staff is more than 9 thousand people. It is noteworthy that the name of the company translates as "Come on / Give, Daddy", and the jargon "Big Daddy" (BigDaddy) was originally planned.

Among the main services are web hosting (from shared to dedicated, there is even a centralized control panel for clients' websites of their own design), mail for domains (this is a comprehensive product with web applications for teamwork), backup service, website builder and much more. In other words, by choosing GoDaddy, you are connected to a comprehensive world-class platform.

SiteGround is a major provider of shared and cloud web hosting, with about 2 million sites hosted on its servers (and these are serious indicators). Data centers are available in all regions of the world: USA, Europe, Asia, Australia. SiteGround is among the top three hosting sites recommended by WordPress developers (for this CMS, there are the best working conditions, special services and optimized infrastructure), as well as in the list of recommended hosting sites for Drupal. At the same time, SiteGround will also be interesting for web  hosting other engines.

Advantages. If you have a WordPress site, it can be integrated with the hosting infrastructure using ready-made plugins (SG Migrator, SG Optimizer, SG Site Scanner, SG-Git), which are installed and configured in a couple of clicks. All other CMS receive daily backups, free SSL certificates, CDN access and unique caching technologies (Ultrafast PHP, SuperCacher, Memcached, OPCache, etc.). Many tariffs have no restrictions on the number of sites and traffic. The work of the data center is organized in such a way that when carrying out technical work in one of them, customer web sites always remain operational (data is duplicated). Hosting supports PHP 8.

Disadvantages. Like many other European hosting providers, SiteGround's prices for service extensions are noticeably more expensive than the prices for the initial purchase.
The stated free migration of web sites is actually organized by the client, just to simplify the process, special plugins are provided (only WordPress is supported). In general, hosting focuses mainly on WordPress sites.

Cost. The minimum total tariff for one site is from 4.99 USD/month (or from 3.99 euros/month, depending on the selected region). Tariffs for an unlimited number of web  sites (but with a limit on the size of disk space) – from 7.99 USD / month (from 6.99 euros / month).


Quote from: Иван on Jul 12, 2022, 02:37 AMWhich is the best hosting to choose for publishing a website? I don't even understand where to start looking, I don't understand the topic at all. Tell me please.
Here is one example: Shared hosting
Shared hosting is a server that hosts many websites. They use the same software and have the same opportunity. One server can host about a thousand sites. As a rule, such hosting hosts small web resources that do not require large capacities and disk space. Due to its low cost and no need for server administration, shared hosting is the most common choice among users.