Why is it so important to name the domain for your site CORRECTLY?

Started by TImurpackckerd, Aug 28, 2022, 08:49 AM

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TImurpackckerdTopic starter

    Hello everyone, let's discuss the importance of domain names for various hostings!
After all, as they say, whatever you call a ship, so it will float!
It is better to choose a name that will match the theme of your site (hosting). Or at least one that will definitely be associated with the product or service that your site provides.

Gregor Bishop

In most cases, we choose a site name that fits the theme for two reasons, even though they refer to the same milestone. It's all about SEO, of course. If the site name contains a key that describes the direction or products of the site, then such a site is better ranked and easier to promote in the search engine. The second reason is the recognition (although this is the same SEO) of the site. If a site is dedicated to selling fishing tackle, you wouldn't call it "bettercolumns.com" or "hometools.com" (although that's more or less).
As you can imagine, the site name is more of an SEO element than a decorative element, and that is why it is so important to choose a good and accurate name.

Sue Nelson

SEO specialists don't eat their bread in vain. Choosing a domain name can sometimes take hours or days. It is important not only to choose a good name from the point of view of SEO, that is, search robots, but also from an aesthetic point of view. A light name, but at the same time displaying, at first glance, the name of the site is well perceived by both visitors and the robot itself. To understand whether you have chosen the right name, look at it from the point of view of the visitor (client) and ask yourself the question - why did you click on it? And yes, many visitors do not always find answers to their questions in the top 10 search engines.


A well-chosen domain name affects at least three indicators:
will users remember the name of your website;
how quickly will it be found on the Internet;
will the site be "in the top" in search engines.
Our recommendations will help you determine which domain is best to come up with for the site.

Strive for the ideal
The perfect domain name:
sonorous, easy to perceive by ear;
it is capacious, short and convenient for entering into the search bar;
includes the name of the company or brand;
corresponds to the subject of the site and the organization's activities.
But finding the perfect domain name is not the easiest task. You need to be prepared for the fact that someone has already "occupied" your combination of words / letters. Therefore, it is better to come up with several options so that there is something to choose from.

Use the brand name.
As a domain name, it is best to use the name of the company or brand. This will increase the awareness of the company and get the first positions in the search results when querying its name.
Personal names are good for promoting a personal brand or blog.

Abbreviate or use abbreviations
If your company's name is too complicated or long, use abbreviations or abbreviations. But it should be done wisely. Check if the abbreviation has a double meaning.

If you can't mention the company name, use the type of activity. Study which domains are used by competitors in your industry, and try to come up with an exclusive one.
It is good if one of the key queries on the subject of your site is used as a domain name. A keyword as a domain will be a strong competitive advantage.
If the domain is catchy, contains keywords and matches the content of the site, most likely, more customers will visit your site.

Consider the laws of perception
It is undesirable to use two identical letters (dommody) and hyphens (dom-mody) in a row in the domain name — they are not perceived by ear, and it is easy to make a mistake when entering the domain into the browser line.

Be careful to use non-readable characters, such as: ZH, CH, SCH, YU, YA, etc. In such domains, it is easy to make a mistake when reading or typing a word into the search bar. The main rule: in transliteration, the word should be easy to write and read.
If numbers are not an integral part of your brand, it is better not to use them in the domain name — such domains are more difficult to remember.

Matthew Evans

The site name is important both for finding a domain and for the number of clicks (traffic), but often the desired name is taken. How do most people act in this case? I have three answers. The first ones are looking for another name for the site, the second ones add some letter (but so that it does not look too crooked), and the third ones are looking for a name in the domains of another group (top-level domain). Tell me, which one of them will win in the end? Well, there is the truth and the fourth type, gray - those who outbid the name of the domain, but this belongs to the section of businessmen.


It's the same like nice naming for YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/etc account naming for buisness. And what it means "correct name for domain"? Grammatical correctly? Or nice for search-robots? Or some "sounds-good-domain-name"?
Every this position is important. You have to work hard to think up some great domain name which you need not to buy. Whatever, it's nice to discuss something like this.