Will DigitalOcean tariff for 5-10$ pull a WordPress site

Started by caryethans, Oct 22, 2022, 12:16 AM

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caryethansTopic starter

Will DigitalOcean tariff for 5-10$ pull a WordPress site with an attendance of 3000-4300 + Ipb forum?

I've seen WordPress settings on the web, but I don't know if they are also suitable for the forum.
At the moment, web site WITHOUT forum is working more or less calmly on a weak web hosting with 1GB of memory, but it is still clear that I will soon have to change hosting to something more powerful.
PS I asked on thematic resources - silence in response, I thought that maybe there would be a knowledgeable person who could tell me.


You asked badly on the forums. Or the forums were shitty.
If there is 1GB of memory, then it will pull without dancing with a tambourine. The main thing is to pull MySQL and apache, as well as configure the nginx+apache bundle.
Where did you get so many visits from?

Bob Bigelou

DigitalOcean may not be the best hosting provider, but it is on the list of the best. Even the weakest tariff of it calmly holds 6-8,000 visits (tested in practice). However, if you're going to be hooking on LiveVideo-style WordPress add-ons, then you need to think about it, and don't forget where the traffic comes from. I recommend taking a server for 6+$. There, the disks come from a 25 Gb SSD, which is not always for the forum, but it is critical (for $4, only 10Gb, which you agree is not enough for good traffic).