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Started by sadko7777, Jul 02, 2022, 08:09 PM

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Hello everyone :-)

Please advise a suitable hosting for site made on WordPress.

Сергей Нижегородцев


Start (SSD)

    CPU: Xeon 1 core
    Memory: 1 Gb
    Disk (ssd): 10 Gb
    IPv4: 1
    IPv6: 1

per month + discounts


Can recommend BlueHost. It is recommended for hosting websites created on WordPress. The hoster offers two lines of tariff plans - regular and professional with additional project management tools. Tariff plans: from $2.95 per month, you can check it for free period(30 days).


I also advise bluehost for more than a year I have been using it, there were no problems and the server is always stable and does not fall. Prices are adequate support responds almost immediately.


I use SiteGround, it has affordable price $4.99 per month with free use of CDN features. The hosting also comprises round-the-clock technical support and free encryption according to SSL standards.


I can recommend these three hostings: Bluehost, Hostinger, HostGator. They are great for a WordPress site. Since everyone has a simple control panel with which you can create a new site in one or two clicks, select a theme and get started. Also for me, an important criterion for choosing a hosting is 24/7 support.


Tried Awardspace yesterday.
I don't have much time now, and I had to quickly make a business card site for a friend.
The time elapsed from the start of registration to the appearance of the finished site on Wordpress on the monitor ~ 40 minutes.
Then he handed over passwords - logins to the girl, let her fill it herself. ;)

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have all the sites on handhost. There's really responsive support. They don't hammer a bolt on you and don't shout that it's all your fault, but they consult you quickly and efficiently and solve your problems. Other companies simply did not recognize all their shoals or did not want to delve into the essence of your problem, but there were unsubscriptions that the problem was on your side. Voo bschem recommend this hosting


Technical requirements
The amount of disk space depends on the type of resource being created. If 500Mb is enough for a business card website, then at least 250000Mb for an online store. Hosting must support PHP programming language and MySQL databases of current versions.

FTP protocol
The FTP data transfer protocol is necessary for uploading texts, images to the site, performing actions related to changing data, setting access rights to files and folders, adjusting the template, and downloading technical pages.

Control Panel
This is a separate software product installed on the hosting server, which allows you to manage databases, mail services through a graphical interface, create subdomains, configure pre-installed scripts, etc. The main requirements for the control panel are ease of perception and ease of working with it.

Script auto-installer
Many novice webmasters experience difficulties when transferring a site to a hosting and initial configuration setup. The script auto installer allows you to install WordPress on hosting through the control panel in a couple of clicks without the need to upload files.

Data backup is carried out by almost all hosting providers, however, you should pay attention to some nuances: the frequency of backups, the depth of archive storage, ease of data recovery if necessary.

Test period
Providing a trial period indicates that the provider is confident in the quality of the services provided. During free testing, the user has the opportunity to evaluate the convenience of the administrative panel, the work of the support service, the stability of the website, and only after that make the final decision on choosing a site for his Internet project.

Technical support
Many webmasters choose foreign data centers to host their sites due to their high stability and reliability. No less important is its efficiency, the norm is to receive a useful and informative response within 1-2 hours from the moment you contact the support. A good provider provides several feedback channels (ticket, chat, skype, phone, e-mail).

Despite the fact that WordPress CMS supports most hosts, you should not opt for the first acceptable option. Only by testing several websites, you can choose the best service in all respects.