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Started by CrazyNorth, Jun 29, 2022, 05:41 AM

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Our new website is - We provide Business Website Design, Automated SEO Plans, Link Building Services and Blogger Outreach Services for our clients, both nationally and internationally.

I would love some feedback about our new website's design, if possible.

Thanks in advance.


Overall I like the layout, I don't think it's too bloated with unecessary design elements.

From a SEO perspective I think the pages are far too broad and will never rank for any type of relevant searches. Maybe you could go for some longtail GEO keywords to bring in local clients.
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Slow load, like 5 seconds. You Camel Case a lot of stuff, but not the email addresses in the footer or contact us page.
Your email address also dont fit all on one line in footer. Like our usernames here ( laptop)
123 pages indexed in goo, thats good
Header seems bit thick and makes screen small

Links for the
Trusted by Businesses & Online Retailers including:�
I wanna see what else you can do. Not hear about it haha

Faster load on mobile, email address all one line on mobile

Lots of work put into seo, you know what your doing.
Overall very good job, nice thumbnail image on social media like linkedin and FB if you want to share link
I learned few things too, so will bookmark. Thats all manageable via cpanel and wp-admin?


The website is equivalent of a fat doctor telling you to eat healthy. If you claim to be an expert in design, you have shown the opposite. The logo is something from 10 years ago. The website is bloated with information and many elements fighting for our short attention spans. It loads slowly. The "web design examples" section doesn't click anything open from me. From a SEO perspective, I think many above have mentioned the flaws as well. From a domaining and branding perspective, you could have gone with something brandable and memorable.

Is it horrible? No.
Is it optimized to bring in sales? No
Is it optimized for SEO? No
Will some clients be turned off? Probably
Do most clients care or know anything about any of this? No
But do they have an attention span of a goldfish and want to browse a website and digest content easily? Yes.

You could focus on improving it and striving for perfection, but in my experience it's better to go get yourself clients. If you run into issues trying to rank for something, or find pain points when you are bringing traffic, then address those.
Once you have money coming in, you can improve the website over time. Focus on what's most important to your business. It's easy to get hung up on a logo, name, or website - especially if you're a designer.


 :-\ The first impression, frankly, is not impressive.
It seems to me that a site with such a focus should impress the client. Some kind of zest should be - it is not. Only some standard, and outdated...


An ordinary SEO site with a standard design. Nothing special. Unlikely to be successful online.
pay the designer - let him finish the drawing.
even for $50 they will draw you a 100 times better design than the one you have.